College Player from BC

I'm watching an NCAA game and there is a running back from BC named Maleek Irons, he is a Red Shirt Freshman and playing darn good football tonight and thru this season. He is playing for Ohio University, nickname the Bobcats.
If he continues playing as he is for the balance of his college years I hope some scouts from the CFL are aware and watch him play, I'm sure the NFL will have eyes on him.

I'm sure they are as he was a high profile commit (on this side of the border) on NCAA Signing Day

Maleek was a standout running back at suburban (Abottsford BC) WJ Mouat High School, but he also played some defense. I am not surprised that he's having success at Ohio University. I think he had about 3,200 rushing yards one year. It was a Provincial record. This in 9 games I believe!