College highlight video of Jalen Morton

College Highlight video of QB Jalen Morton who is on the ticats practice roster


Morton moves a lot like Cam Newton . He's a big QB with a strong arm and good running ability . In the CFL , his comparable might be Antonio Pipken of the Argos .

Pat Lynch (older than topsoil)


If this guy's comparable to Antonio Pipkin then we might as well give him his bus ticket and road map out of town right now . Have you ever seriously watched Pipkin play QB ? The guy is horrendous with terrible career stats to boot .

The problem with these highlight video packages are that they can make any player look like a future HOF with some clever editing . They're kinda like seeing a 3 minute movie trailer that makes the movie look like it's Oscar worthy and in reality the 3 minute clip is the best part of the movie and the rest of the movie stinks .

Now before anybody jumps all over me let's reserve judgement on this Morton fella for if and when he actually sees some game action . Hopefully he will turnout to be a decent prospect for us in the future .


Morton was training with Evans at some QB camp thing in the off season according to a video on Twitter

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If we only see him throw the ball once 100 yards in the air, it will all have been worth it.

Nice arm, we don’t know if he could be the next Casey Printers version 2004 or the next Dominique Davis. Likely a guy they’re testing to see if he’s worth bringing to camp next year.



One of Masoli or Evans will likely leave next year so we need a backup. At 6'3" 237 he should make a good short yardage guy. Hopefully with some upside in the passing game at some point.

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