Collective Bargaining Agreement

Here's an article from the Dec. 12 Prairie Dog with some thoughts from two sports economists (one who teaches at the U of R, and one from the Conference Board of Canada) on what might happen with the CBA negotiations: ... n-the-air/

There is more ways to skin a cat the big TV numbers should mean more that just a payraises for teams and players through TV dollars. Teams are already reaping the benefits of record amounts of team Corporate sponsor $$$.
Time for the CFLPA and the players agents to parlay all of this airtime and eyes on TC and parlay that into endorsement deals for players.
Jon Cornish just won an award reckagnizing the top Canadian athlete for the first time by a CFL player in decades.
The bank he was working for when he heard that news got some free National advertising.
Not only should Cornish be working for the Bank but should be able to get an endorsement deal as a spokes person.

What bank does he work for?

TD Canada Trust. This is where he was when he found out he won the Lou Marsh Award and had a phone press conference during his lunch break to receive the award.
That is what I mean you would think that TD Canada Trust would parlay this with some promotion. recent winners have been Christine sinclair, Joey Votto, Sidney Crosby twice, just to name a few big names.
Russ Jackson won the award in 1969 the last CFL player to do so.
You would think a nice commercial with Cornish promoting the Bank that he works for in the off season as the top Canadian athlete of 2013. Common sense. If Cornish is not getting some endorsements he needs to find a new agent

Ahhh, it's Canada. Makes too much sense to ever happen.