Collective agreement

Players association President Stu Laird was in Montreal yesterday to talk to the players. This is the final year of the collective agreement.
I wonder if there will be problems getting a new one?
Do the players want the Salary cap increased?
Is the number of non imports (19) or imports (18) going to change?
This league is thriving with high TV ratings, strong corporate sponsorships, strong franchises and strong attendance figures, so will the players want more?
They better tread carefully because this league is still not far out of the woods from the problems it has had for several years, but all lindictations are positive for the CFL these days!

They should push for acceptable salaries for players on the practice roster.

good idea Third...increase the pr. money...also how about looking at adding a little more time in a players contract that keeps them in the CFL. longer...before becoming eligible to push off to the NFL... and.I think the reciprocating deal we have with the NFL. should be re-negotiated ..

say the poorest team is sask. ...then they agreed that saleries are not any higher than 60% of revenues earned by the poorest team the previous year... say sask only earns 3 million in rev's in '05 then the '06 CAP for ALL teams is $1 800 all the teams in the league goes by a cap of 1.8 million.

then in '06, sask earns revenues of $4 000 000, then the '07 cap for all teams is $2.4 million

this way, with growth of the league, the players can share in the success!

some sorta common cap that has linkage to revenues is the answer

what do current teams , generally, earn a year? any idea?
and what are typical yearly player payrolls?

Not going to happen drumming_god. Because let's imagine we use your system. On year one, the poorest team gets 4 000 000 in revenues, and so set the cap at 2 400 000.

Teams sign players and play the following season.

Then on year two, things went pretty bad for the poorest team who only get 3 000 000$ in revenues. Then the salary cap drops to 1 800 000$.

But players are for the most part already signed! Teams can't start renegociating every one's contract down. So nobody can hire free agents without busting that new cap, or releasing many players.

That would become a circus.

i know that and i thought of that too.
but i was using mine as an example of how they need linkage to determine a cap that is affordable for all teams.

Increase the roster to 45 players and reduce the practise squad to 3 from 5. The 5 year rule for an American on the same team to convert to Canadian status is needed like in the early days. To accomodate the increase, make it mandatory for each team to carry a Canadian QB as their 4th QB. Raise the minimus salaries and overall increase the salary cap to 5M. Plus, for the Grey Cup do the same thing the XFL had, a 1M purse for the winner and lets say $.5M for the looser.

Oh! Here’s a good one: Any import who gets the Canadian citizenship is recognized as a non-import after three years of being Canadian. Yeah!

Guys like Barron Miles would become non-imports!

Strong but flexible Salary Cap.

Lets say Ottawa is at the low end of the scale (16,000 per game x 9 games x $35 average seat price = $5.6 M) and Edmonton is at the high end of the scale (35,000 x 9 x $35 = $11 M) and you can factor a play off game in there as well as hosting the GC at some point, but in either case the average would be $8.3 M, now this doesnt take into consideration team debt etc. but a realistic Salary Cap would be in the $7 - $8 M range.

u just said ottawa makes 5.6 million a year, but u want a cap of 8 million????

if a current non-enforcable cap is 2.5 millon, u want to see the cap JUMP to 8 million?.....

i'd say make a HARD cap of 3.5 - 4 million!

Absolutley, $7 - $8 M would be the average of the high and low, you have to keep both sides happy not just the low end of the scale, a franchise like Edmonton also needs to be rewarded for success.

your tryin to buy a $100 shirt with only $20 in your bank and $5 in your wallet....doesnt work!

u just did math in an example and figured ottawa's revenues are 5.6 million a year, and u expect them to pay 8 million in salaries?!?!
so u want the renegades franchise to lose 2.4 million per year?!?!?!

No, they need to put more butts in the stands OR spend to the level they can afford, just because the cap is $7 - $8M doesnt mean they have to spend that much. Would you rather have Edmonton spending $10M on salaries or more if they can afford it. There has to be a happy medium somewhere, you cant penalize the successful teams because Ottawa cant draw fans, their above .500 and cant get more than 16,000 people out, so the rest of the league has to suffer for it, thats just not right.

your sayin, just because your suggested league cap is 7-8 million, that ottawa wouldnt have to spend that much. they could spend 4 million if thats all they can afford????.....if the hard cap was 8 million, they would NEED to spend that much( even tho they can't afford it ) to stay competitive. if ottawa doesnt spend that much, then they are the bottom of the standings year-after-year....noone will go to games cuz they'd suck, so theys lose money and FOLD and CFL would go back to 8 teams. this isn't SURVIVOR, when the game is to eliminate franchises...they need to work together.

if a current cap is 2.6 million, then a cap of 9 million is completly unrealistic!
currently the HIGHEST payroll for a team is 4 million...u want that to DOUBLE???

teams that can't afford 8 millon in payroll....winnipeg, sask., ottawa....they'd all fold

u really don't understand economics!

Your missing the point DG, the purpose of the salary cap is NOT to save franchises that cant make money as it is, that is up to the fans in each city and equalization payments from the league. The purpose of the salary cap is to set it at a level that is fair to ALL teams in the league. If your going to set it artificially low, for the single purpose of keeping unsuccessful franchises afloat, them you are killing the product on the field anyways and cheating all fans in the league from seeing the best possible talent.

your killing the product by having 3 teams fold and ticket prices raised by double

You want the economics of it DG, in order to afford a cap of $7M, Sask, Wpg, Ham and OTT would need to have 26,000 butts in the seats for every game. Which is about where the average attendance in 3 of those cities is near. I dont want to see Ottawa go down the tubes again but be realistic, 16,000 a game isnt going to cut it. If the fans in Ottawa dont start showing up how long do you think its going to take before the inevitable occurs....and how long do you think Hughie is going to wait around before he starts burning up the cash to keep up with BC and Tor and Calgary...

so your sayin ....for those teams to afford a cap of 8 million, they need 26,000 every game....

winnipeg had 24 000 or less in all but 1 game so far this they cant afford it
sask. has not had 26 000 yet this they cant afford it
ottawa hasn't had 26 000 yet this they can't afford it
montreal's stadium capasity is only 20 they cant afford it

its a real good thing u have nothing to do with running this league, cuz it would be a 5 team league.... thanks for the economics lesson, pigseye :oops:

DG, I am just trying to come up with something that all teams in the league would approve. If Wright tried to ram something through that Edm, BC Tor, Cal didnt like, them he is toast, why do you think he only got one year on his contract. And historically, Wpg, Sask, and Ham do draw around 26,000 fans on average. The bottom line is a cap of $4M, in our little example here, would be based on an average of 13,000 per game.....