I love the guy, but he seems to not be the same Zach of just a couple years ago. Granted, he is running for his life most of the time. But, he's constantly throwing into coverage, his accuracy is questionable and many of his shorter throws have a low trajectory and are batted down at the line of scrimmage. Even that long catch by Saunders was sadly under thrown...if he was so far behind coverage, the ball would likely have been intercepted. Why not take Zach out for a series and insert Masoli for a change of pace and to give Zach a different perspective from the sidelines? Austin wasn't afraid of doing that in past years, why not this year?

I think part of it is wanting Zach to try and get into a rhythm.

So much of WEEK 1 & 2 was just running for his life (ahem. Swindle. ahem.) that he needs series multiple series to get his timing down. Don't lose hope quote yet, trust the system. Give them the rest of this year, that's what I'm doing. If they fail this year, reset the whole system.

That ball travelled 61 yards in the air... and he got drilled when he threw it.
I'll give him a pass for that one.

I thought it was a great play. Happened right in front of us, and Saunders had to stop and wait for it (must have been about Zach's limit in fact), with two DBs bearing down on him. How often do you see the receiver blow it because he decides to have a quick look for the end zone, turns to run before securing the ball, or just plain drops those wide open shots? He just seemed to appear, all alone, Zach spotted him open and bingo, big play, big gain.

Kudos all around on that one, and a play that gave the Cats some life for the rest of the quarter and into the 2nd.

yes That ball travelled 61 yards in the air was a great play

Zach gave that extra air to guarantee the catch rather than a regular throw that might have missed the mark

If you watch his feet, he's jumping all over the place. Never gets them planted or settles down before he throws. It has to be hard to hit targets when you're always on the move. He had some time to get settled on Saturday, but I would imagine that anyone would feel jumpy considering the way the first couple games went down, especially after losing a year due to a serious injury.

I really hope he can get his s*** together and get back into a rhythm.

Zac had a good half season 2 years ago, the rest of his body of work is average

First quarter he had a pretty good showing. Way better than the games before. It is baby steps but steps forward none the less.
If we did have a proper O line and he had the time to look around before having to get rid of the ball I think he would be doing better. His feet are in constant motion he is trying but he doesn't have the chance to get the ball off.
Any sports player who suffers a major injury as Zack has will always have that little bit of fear in the back of their minds (how could anyone not) I personally do not think that is injury plays such a big part as a lot of people are thinking it does.
This all being said at the same time his record does speak for itself. Maybe it is time for a change or we wait it out and stand behind the team and the coaching staff.

Yup - he looks like he's doing tap dance back there is feet are moving so much.

It seemed to me he was often at his best with a mixture of rollout passes - each direction - mixed in with some straight dropbacks and screens. Now it seems everything is a straight dropback pass, he never looks comfortable, can't find any open receivers downfield so has to drop it off for almost no gain. How many complete passes did we have that gained less than 5 yards?

All the play calls seem to be 40 yard wide throw to gain 5 yards. 2nd and ten and a 7 yard route. Whatever they are doing they need to change it up.

Have to agree on 2nd down plays. Is it the call or the route running. Andy could just fall forward for an extra two, but Luke is too short :smiley: .

Never understood the 5 - 7 yard route when you need 10, given our low YACs stats. At speed, the extra yards is probably one or two steps, and the DB can’t make contact after five yards.

I think that the majority of those are secondary/tertiary targets, especially if the primaries either can't get open or the defence is playing a deep zone.

Can u blame him if he's in the pocket it breaks down if he gets out there's someone on him give him time to plant and check his options he'll be fine n much improved for first half last game

Right on Ticat4242.

Methinks there is a wee bit of tension brewing between Zach and the coach.

Now are our plays that bad or the other teams that good.

When your game plan doesn't really change, and the ball spends the majority of the time in the air, it becomes pretty easy to predict what the next play call will be. The plays may be good, the other teams may not be better. But with the complete lack of a running game, it doesn't take a professional DC to predict the next play.

I don't know if it is as much a lack of a run game as it is a lack of using all the talent. I mean getting the ball to the RB can be pitch-outs, laterals, screens, shuttles, hitches, etc, etc. It doesn't have to be a hand-off. I think much of the problems come from poor schemes and poor play selection rather than poor personnel.

Our game plan essentially is get the ball to Tasker, Tyms, Collins, or Saunders. Once in a while throw to Jones, and once in a while give it to Schuerman. So, if I'm defending, I cover with 4 maybe 5 DBs and send the rest. Five on the O-line don't stop 7 or 8 on the rush. Once the pressure is on, Zach has to bail. Sure, we burn them every once in a while, like the bomb to Saunders, but over-all, chances are we are held to short gains, or no gains.

On defence, we have the opposite. Other teams use all personnel, spread out across the field, forcing us to defend long, short, and wide. The RB is involved as a runner or receiver, holding the LBs. Sure we get pressure and the occassional sack or knock down, but almost always, someone is open for a gain. If everyone is covered, the QB usually has a running lane or outlet receiver. Look at the stats, some 1500 yards in three games, two personal bests, and all from three QBs who we have been mocking as "over the hill".

Some of us blame the O-line, especially Swindle, some look to the return of a couple of DBs. IMO, these are only symptoms of a much deeper, systemic problem.

I TOTALLY agree with you

Can't argue with any of this.

Listen, I like Austin, I was happy when he came here. There's no question he knows more about football than we do, but it has to be asked why he can't see the above issues, or why what he's done to address them hasn't worked.