Collaros is for the most part a rookie and does make some questionable throws.That being said without him the cats would have no offense.On EVERY passing play he has to run for his life due to his dreadful line.He is a a magician in avoiding sacks.Kudos to him!

I'll say again, he is a young guy which we need to stay with for a number of years to allow him to develop. If he stays healthy, he will be a hall of famer!

Agree with that. Also I thought that the protection for Zach was better today. Sometimes he is too slow in his decision making I think but that will improve with experience.

Just saw replays of the game on TSN including Zach's reaction after the 2nd TD - Boy was he PUMPED!! he played well - as did the whole team today! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Was today enough to put him ahead of Ray for East MOP?

Ummmm no,

Ray could have been second string or sidelined with an injury the entire season and the TO biased TSN & CFL would still put him ahead of Collaros for east MOP.... :lol:

Even though it's not unusual for CFL teams to go against former mates, Zach must be pleased to have knocked his old team out of the playoffs in such dramatic fashion. His bulldog attitude really emerged last night with the help of better blocking and a competent running game.

Going back to the beginning of the season, I can remember cringing at the prospect of him only having training camp and two exhibition games to learn a different system. In addition, the Cats had to play the defending champs in the opener with a depleted offensive line at Mosaic in horrible weather. When Willis knocked him out of the Edmonton game, his prospects did not look favorable.

Perhaps his best quality is that he realizes that football is a team game; he is always talking about the great performances of his teammates, and never about himself.

For those who don't know, Zach is from my hometown, so I freely admit to prejudice in his favor. I have really fallen for the CFL, however, despite the subpar TSN announcing teams (lol). The rules make strategy much more crucial and interesting than the NFL. CFL players really love playing the game and are not spoiled like their fat-cat counterparts in the south. I will watch any Canadian game over any NFL contest except for when the Steelers are playing - or I keep an eye on both. :cowboy:

Always appreciate hearing your perspective on Zach's playing since you were following his career before he came to the CFL and will be able to see how he has changed/developed as a professional. I know there were a number of Ticat fans who were dubious about his signing and the release of Burris but I doubt you will find even one now who would rather have "Old Hank" back instead of Zach. Zach has a great attitude and is a hard worker, I look forward to seeing how much better he will become as a Ticat.

I have relatives in Steubenville, they know the family. I have posted pictures of last night on one of the sites.

His play got better as the game went on - may he keep growing going forward


at the end of the 3rd he got hit hard and from where I was sitting it sure looked like he was out cold. Trainers come out to check on him and eventually got up but went straight down the field with the trainers to start the 4th.
I'm surprised the refs let it go since you must sit out 3 plays if the trainers are called onto the field.I suppose because it is an officials time out that the rule no longer applies ,but...

anyone else see what I saw?

I was nervous when Kent shipped Hank out and bet the farm on Collaros. I am no longer nervous. The kid is tough and smart. He has proven to me that he can be a starter on any CFL team. I'm glad he's a Cat.

He has proven he belongs as a starting QB. I had my doubts that he was ready but since returning from injury and the opening of THF he has me convinced. Whether he will go on to be a great or solid career its too early to tell. For now the have the right guy for the job.
As for his Oline having both all canadian top lineman award winning OGs out for the season has really hurt.
With the playoffs here now the running game will look to be improved starting with this final win and your in game. Collaros, a lot like Durant, will run more than he may have wnated during the long course of the season. Including being able to stay in for the Draw Wildcat package of Lefevour as well as short yardage.
Having Grigsby, a RB that can run for 100 yards, is now well into the offense. While not as good a blocker as Gable. He did pick up some key blitzes and is as good as a receiver in open space.
For Collaros Banks has become the reciever they wanted. Now while in the game he is a threat to catch the ball making his end around sweeps better. Also it allows for them to have a second RB dress even with starting 3 Internationals on the Oline. Lets see if in the week off that Grigsby could also be seen returning some Kick Offs.

I saw it right in front of me in Section 103. My immediate reaction was "Oh oh, this doesn't look good". He showed me he is tougher than a $2 steak when he subsequently trotted down to the other end of the field and took the first snap of the 4th quarter. And yes, since it was at the end of the quarter and having the training staff go on the field did not delay things I don't believe the 3 play rule holds. BTW it was the bearded one (Stephen McGee) who was warming up and continued to do so even after Zach ran to the other end of the field. I assume he wanted to be ready, just in case.


Future HOF er NO DOUBT!!!!

Hank who? Who in their right mind would want that guy back? For me, it was in last year's Grey Cup when he just stood and glared after a mis-timed snap sailed past him and he gave no effort to retrieve the ball. Complete opposite of Zach who mishandled a snap in the 2nd quarter and had the sense to quickly back track to pounce on it and he got rocked by several Alouettes in the process. He has the right mindset and a team player... from the Bearcats to the Ticats... his future looks bright!