Unfortunately for fans its been a half season of ragged football but for Austin, Condell and Zach its really only game three as the offense was designed soley for him.

And for those who are fixated over sacks, a psuedo stat, it was a good day, shut down a good RB, Steele, too,

You can see that as well, it was like he did not miss a beat, once the rest of the team was brought up to the right level (see game 1) for Zach, he really orchestrated some real good offensive drives, albeit killed by untimely drops, but none the less this bodes well for the Cats future should he stay healthy!

Zack played good but you have to give kudos to the offensive line he gave him the protection he needed to accomplish what he did today . the first 2 games the oline was swiss cheese

What I liked best was his ability to continue to look downfield while scrambling, and his sense of where the line of scrimmage is. A number of times, he seemed to be about to cross the line when he threw it on the run.

New and improved team atmosphere with Zack in the game. You had the feeling that he could drive the team down the field - that's the first time I've felt that all year. Great field presence, avoiding the rush, and then passing on the run when needed. No interceptions. Well done, especially for his first game back in a month.

This is much more difficult to do than most people think. Sometimes, that skill or ability alone make a QB go from good to great. Zack did it very well today.

Collaros scrambling and gunning it to Giguere on the challenged play vivdly illustrated the diff. between him and Lefevour and the prospects of winning,

It starts and ends with the QB in the CFL. When was the last time Hamilton had an accomplished QB? Bernie Faloney, Joe Zuger. And their defence wasn't shabby back then. Go cats Go. One game in hand.

Danny McMannus. Damon Allen. Kevin Glenn. Mike Kerrigan. Matt Dunnigan. Jason Maas.

I support Collaros, but frankly I was shocked that he was able to play so well after not taking a meaningful snap since July 4. Still has to stand the test of time, but things are looking good after a rocky first two games as a Ticat. I agree that protection was pretty good for the most part today, and I'm sure that helped, but even with perfect protection, it would have been asking a lot to expect him to perform as well as he did today. Now he just needs a little more help from his receivers. :wink:

Edit: And when was the last game the Ticats threw that many screens? Remember a few years ago when some of us on the forum were practically screaming for them to start throwing some screens?

A few years ago? Wasn't it just last week?

Another thing I like about Collaros is his ability to look off the defence. he doesn't lock in on a receiver. Those screens worked because he sold the defence that he was going deep to the other side before popping the ball over their heads.

The guy just looked composed out there.

I've been screaming, at least to myself, about that regularly and as recently as a game ago. I believe that Madu was given the ball yesterday, one way or another, twice or more the number of times that it's been given to Gable, on average, in his starts this year. Hopefully Condell has got the Sherlock message. It's elementary!

Collaros did a very good job and looked sharp....too bad some of the offensive coaching choices weren't...Oh the coaches were going to fool everyone when they sent in Masoli in on 1st & goal on the one.. ( golly ,I wonder what the play will be??? )....what a rookie elementary school word "imagination"...and get out of the 60's mode!

There was nothing wrong with the play call. It's done all the time in the CFL.

The problem was Masoli holding the ball out when he dove over the line. I get trying to break the plane with the ball, but sheesh dude, you can hardly act surprised when the ball gets knocked loose after you expose it that much.

Are you kidding? If they tried some sort of creative play and loss 4 yards you'd be saying the opposite. Its the CFL, and the 1 yard line. you sneak, then do it again, then again. If you don't score its on your OLine. Don't blame the coaches Masoli absolutely cannot expose the ball like that.

Maybe on 3rd down you reach the ball out because you're gonna turn it over anyway if you don't make it.
But not on 1st or 2nd.

I was jubilant over the win yesterday....losing the first game at THF would have been a real downer that would have been a permament part of the history of THF for as long as the new stadium is around.
There has been a lot of criticism of Collaros duing the time he was on the injured list. I never agreed with most of it and felt that he had what it takes to be the QB of the future. He showed what he is made of yesterday. I thought he did a tremendous job.
Like others on this forum, I agree that the rest of the offence needs to pick up the pace...especially in the area of penalties. The O line did well and it was good to see Andy Fantuz back to his old ways...fighting to get the ball and then make every yard he can. I did not like some of the play calling.....sometimes so predictable they were doomed as soon as the ball was snapped.
The biggest negative in yesterdays game was Masoli. I would be happy never to see him on the field in a Tiger-Cat uniform again. His passing in previous games has been inaccurate and awful. And to cough up the ball yesterday near the goal line trying to get one yard, was completely inexcusable.
I assumed he was trying to reach over the goal line but to not protect the ball and offer a target like that to the Blue team defence was foolish. Why is he still around? Was there ever a time that Dan Lefevour went in for the same play and coughed up the football? I can't remember.
All that aside......the team has a new home (finally) and a promising new QB. The defence has made a huge improvement. How long has it been since we had a defence that spent so much time in the oppositions backfield? Great work Orlondo!
If this improvement continues we could be in good shape in our Division by the playoffs. It's the western teams that will provide the biggest challenge this season.

Exactly. Reaching with the ball is a desperation move, to be done only when the alternative is a turnover on downs. On first and second down, you just make sure you don't lose ground so you still have the remaining down(s) from the one.

From CFLPA site

[url=] ... --week-10/[/url]?

To look at Collaros, one could never have guessed that he was in his first contest in over 7 weeks. From the opening drive (on which the Tiger-Cats were able to secure points), Hamilton tested the Eastern division leaders in the Argonauts. Indeed, in his first full drive which started on the Hamilton 1-yard line, Zach was able to march down the field and punch in the first ever touchdown at Tim Horton’s Field. Zach ended the night completing 27 of his 38 pass attempts for 317 yards in the air. What was most impressive though, was that even when pressure dictated that a throw couldn’t be made, in true Collaros-fashion, Zach was able to extend plays with his mobility, and find positive yards. The young pivot was able to put the team on his back, and answer any questions that his health might affect his play. Collaros owned the game he played in, and he owned his performance.