Great game by Collaros!
27 of 38 - 317yrds passing 0 INT - 1 TD - should have had 3 TD's

This guy is a warrior, there should be no doubts about our QB anymore.

Zach played good, glad he's back, now we just need to give him some help, this team still needs a fast wide out Banks is good, another good WR would help, maybe an NFL cut, we have good receivers in the short and mid zone areas we need a burner with great hands. The Madu drop on the TD was tough he was wide open and the Masoli fumble, he looked like he gave the Argo's the ball and did, but glad Collaro's is back maybe we can build some continuity now.


I just made that point on the game thread. Zach had an awesome game after being out for close to two months! No rust there to shake off! :thup:

Collaros played well. He took what the defence gave him and he also made things happen.
Good work Zach, you deserve the win.

Our return game really hampered Zach today.. can't wait until the injured return..... literally!!

Great game by Zack. String together 3 or four more and there will be no doubt. He looked very focused and determined.

I have never doubted Zach. He's got all the tools and a great QB mind as a coach. Not many guys can do what he did coming off the big layoff.

Oski Wee Wee,


Collaros played a great game, good decision making. Gable catches that pass that Madu dropped for a TD IMO.

I thought Collaros demonstrated why some teams were interested in signing him in the offseason in what I recall being referred to as the "Zach Collaros Sweepstakes" or something along those lines.

To me, he sure looked like a veteran out there. I liked the way he was able to handle being pressured, by either buying more time by rolling out with it or just by tossing it to Madu. I suppose the overall game plan on offence turned it being good, and it was fumbles and dropped passes that would have been TDs that kept the team from getting more points than it should have had.

I also thought Collaros would look rusty at first and would show inexperience at times. I am pleased to be wrong about that.

I doubt this team would have got the win if LeFevour or Masoli were at QB. I sure hope Collaros doesn't get injured again.

Gable dropped one just like it in his first game and has gone on to perform quite well since.


Zach far outdid what I expected from him today. He took what he was given and didn't push for more -- like some reliable TiCat QBs of long ago when, as was the case today, the Defence won the games. Without those drops and fumbles,, by teammates, Collaros' performance would have been thought of as outstanding.

He should had 3 2 Passing 1 Rushing

Some game shots

Collaros did look very good today, particularly as mentioned after coming off of the IR. He made a number of great screen passes when the Argos were blitzing. No better way to stop the opposing defense from constantly sending blitz packages.

This game should have been rapped up much earlier, but not due to the play of Collaros. It was like they were trying to find a way to lose. The TD drops, the late fumbles, and untimely penalites cost the team a ton of points. The kick returning of Koch was also very sub-par, which helped the Argos maintain field position. When the opposition kicks it 60 yards catch the darn thing and return it up field before the coverage gets there! Also was dissappointed on the play calls on 2nd and 3 in the second half. You can't send out 5 receivers, put one back in the backfield in the shot gun formation and then just run between the hash marks. It seldom works as the RB starts back too far from the line of scrimmage, and the defense just keys on the RB and can easily stop the play. That call killed a couple of critical drives, and resulted in a long field goal attempt that was missed. I miss LeFavour on the QB sneak play. He was automatic.

Zach played very well and deserved to have more points on the board. I hope this game will be a stepping stone for the team and they get on a roll. They deserve to have more than two wins at this point, but have struggled to close games out earlier. If the team can start executing and doing the little things, they should easily be the best team in the East. At this point, they are undefeated agains Eastern teams. If that continues they will end up 1st in the East. Who knows where they go after that.


Hmmmm... let me think.....maybe the Grey Cup! :rockin:

He had a good game, but lets not start the parade. He's still young, he still made some mistakes, we just need to be patient with him.

Zach made the most of what the Argos gave him unlike Ray who once again, was unable to raise his team up. Zach was able to make plays with his feet while Ray was as mobile as a cement block.

Two years from now, Collaros will be a star while Ray will be up in the stands. The Argos kept the wrong guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

he was good. some bad throws (ie all the td attempts minus Grants) but im happy

we should all be breathing a little easier about the qb issue.

ZC hadnt played in two months and still ran a better offense than DL or JM.

A point lost in what has been deemed as an abysmal game by CFL standards!