Throwing today at practice

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 17m
Austin says Collaros will not play this week & will evaluate Masoli & LeFervour throughout the week.

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 15m
Austin also not confident about Simoni Lawrence or Rico Murray's (both lower body) availability. But will not rule them out

It's good to see ZC in his gear at least, even if it's not full pads. There were plenty of people theorizing that he broke something on that hit. It was not an unfair presumption given how hard he got nailed and how he landed.

He'll be back soon enough. Him, Lawrence, Murray, Dyakowski, well.. you get the picture. This team will hopefully be far more deadly once we're healthy. Then maybe the naysayers can stop with their "blow up the team", "fire Austin" and the rest of this nonsense.

Darken Angel: :thup:
I think we can beat Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto now if our O line holds up. In the West we can handle Winnipeg. It’s the rest of those teams out west that will give us trouble regardless of who is back. BUT…we badly need at least one win in the two games coming up against Ottawa or Winnipeg.

We almost beat the Stamps and would have beat them if the offense could score a touchdown or two. The Stamps were missing their starting RB and we were missing our starting QB. The game was basically a draw. The Cats could very well dominate every team in the league if our offense starts scoring.

I have feeling Zack could be gone till labour day .

I think he lost his spot because of his inexperienced play, will need to earn it back :cowboy:

If he learns from this Great if not… well

I know alot people disagree with me
But in 98 we lost a great gup and came back in 99 with almost the same Team.
We Won it why could not repeat this with Hank as our QB .

No we have get disappointed and get mad cause of all the changes .
Collaros is a BUST all say it now …
Not worth 50,000 let alone 200,000+

too many changes too soon …

Without a Good QB we don’t make the playoffs .
on top that we get crap at tim hortons field .

Very disappointed and mad

you can say that after one game??? a game in which the rest of the team played badly? :roll:

Interesting roster move made sometime between the loss in Calgary and the first practice for July 26 vs. Ottawa:

Stephen McGee, dressed as #3 QB in Calgary, is back on the 1-Game Injured List which means he won't be dressed this week. Will Collaros, at least, be dressing even though Coach Austin has been quoted as saying "He is not likely to play this week?" Or, will Jacory Harris be activated for the 3rd QB spot vs. Ottawa?

Beau Landry's status has changed in the opposite way -- from Injured to Active.

Robofan, Step away from the ledge!

Grover: Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh.

Good that the kid was in pads and throwing. I hope there was no setback and he's on track to a full recovery. Perhaps this time away has allowed him to view things from a different angle and will help his confidence in what he is doing once he's back and starting.

If he can't go for some time, if he doesn't pick up his game when he's back and healthy or, as suggested above, if he is a bust (because the jury is still out on that possibility) the Cats are in it deep.

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 32m
Austin on Collaros: "It's indefinite... I don't really know" What kind of injury is it? "Everybody knows what the injury is"

without his top 2 receivers.

Captain Obvious here - It’s a Concussion.