Collaros will not renegotiate and be wearing new uniform next season, guaranteed

Collaros will not renegotiate and be wearing new uniform next season, guaranteed: report

Second hand information. Who is reading the crystal ball? Opinions are like as$h*&^ everybody has

I doubt very much that management would violate the privacy of a player.

My understanding is that Manziel will be looking to return to the NFL ASAP, the timeframe suggested would be within a couple of years.

So, we're going to trade or release Collaros to rent Manziel for a couple of years....

Makes absolutely no sense to me.

The thought of signing Manziel and losing both Collaros (yes I said it) and Masoli is truly frightening.

I think they can start fresh and could build around Collaros and Masoli for the long term. Continuity in the position with these two I think could be a very good place to start. I think there is room for both of them and it could be actually positive. Let them both try to earn the starting job next year and strengthen the team around them. A pretty capable 1 - 2 combination. Egos might get in the way now though and $.

This Manziel thing is a big gamble that the senior management team is getting sucked into. Everyone who has played sports knows there is always a super talented flash in the pan person that comes around and suckers everyone in with his talent and then is gone due to his poor attitude or lack of commitment or just pure instability.

They need to sit Zach and Jerimiah down, re-negotiate their deals, spend money on both of them that keeps them happy, maybe a raise and slight decrease and build around them. (This is all assuming the Collaros is not totally done which we are not really sure of that yet though). As soon as we are eliminated we have to see his tryout games under Jones and if he looks good than these 2 are our guys for the next 5 years. Not Johnny Gamble. Trade Johnny for a couple of draft picks and start re-building.

Whether Manziel is a "flash in the pan" is not my main concern. It's the fact that we are looking at a very short term solution for a position that takes time and patience to develop.

We need a starter, for continuity and long term success.

That could be Collaros, Masoli, and maybe even Golson.

But, it would NEVER be Manziel.

Exactly my thoughts, if he does come up and play, which it sounds like he will in 2018, he will play only a season or two and either be cut or be a star, in which case he will head down south to the land of $$. Then we will have JM as our starter...oh boy!

And here's a sneak preview of Zach's new uni:

Agree completely. Would really like to see how Collaros performs with an improved OL, revamped offense and change in receiving corps because IMO he has more long term upside than Masoli in spite of JM’s recent winning record. The one thing that I can agree with Scianitti about is that Zach should not be held responsible for the team’s poor start. The defense was pretty terrible too!

Johnny only sees this as a way back to the NFL and that’s only IF he can adapt to the CFL game (Troy Smith sure didn’t manage it and he was a Heisman winner too). From what I’ve read Johnny relies on his talent and has little work ethic so unless he’s changed his attitude about that, I can’t imagine him being successful with ANY team in the CFL

I do think JM has improved his work ethic and realizes that being naturally gifted isn’t enough to guarantee a job, sitting out of the NFL has taught him that; he needs to work hard and be a team player. I think it is unfair to continually paint him with a 2 or 3 year old brush.

One word simple BYE!

He is paid to make plays and complete balls has he done that NO ! Sorry to say damaged goods BYE!

Cats99, you are on this forum enough to know all of the problems Collaros faced under Austin's command in the last year or so. Why not let Collaros try to return to form with a better O-Line and receivers, better offensive scheme and play calling and an actual running game? If we let him get into the hands of a Trestman then he will most likely flourish.

It's called "selective memory"...

Or a BROKEN FREAKN RECORD?. Ya we know he’s in love with Johnny Headcase Football. We know he hates Collaros. How many thread do we have to read with the same comments? Give it a rest ?

Let's not use those initials in discussing our QB situation. Scanning this thread, I could't believe someone challenging the work ethic of the JM who certainly comes up first in my mind.

Oct 11th is quickly approaching...
We will see what goes down soon enough, I suppose.
This Manzel thing is a no brainer..
If he did come here and did well.
He goes back to the NFL...he would not stay.
If he comes here and bombs..
What do the Cats do then ?
As far as Zac goes there is another hard question.
Every time I look at Zac I ask myself...what is wrong with you
since returning from injury.
You are not the Zac you were before injury.
At his salary there is no room for can also
not have him standing on the sidelines.
If they started Zac again and he faulted..that would be for the 13th
time in a row.
His trade value goes to zero...
TiCat brass have a lot of thinking to do.
Oct 11th...we will know.

There is nothing wrong with Zach that a few starts with this current configuration of players won’t fix. As said on numerous other threads, better o-line protection, better receiving corps, better defense ....let him play. He’s a far superior passer. The only negative is that we lose the QB option run plays. We run it 2 or 3 times a game so no loss. He has zero trade value now because of his current salary. Nobody is going to pay him that number.

He hasn’t forgotten how to play but he is only one player and needs the support of the current roster.