Collaros will not be back

I don’t know if anyone else listens to The Waggle, but I found Sanchez’s comment that Collaros will not be back in Saskatchewan, rather interesting.


Bummer dude.

To clarify...I assume you are talking next season speculation.

Yeah…I do not think he will be back in 2019.
I do think Jones will try and land Reilly if cap possible. Not sure that is possible unless great creativity is exercised.
That said, I do not think Jones believes that you need an elite QB who costs 10% of cap money in order to win in the CFL.

I think he would be content with Collaros, and I wouldn't mind seeing what he does in a second season with a pretty darned young O...the head thumps are concerning though.

Yeah but Collaros has proven again that he just can't stay on the field. As Wood Allen says 90% of success is the ability to show up. Not Collaros' fault but he just can't be relied upon to remain healthy.

If Reilly doesn’t move then the expected areas for Collaros:

  1. Toronto (Popp will need to fortify his o-line to protect a glass type QB)

  2. Calgary (very good o-line, but even Mitchell waited til guys were flying to his grille before letting go the ball)

Chris O’Leary
After Brandon Bridge takes a lot of 1st team reps, Chris Jones is noncommittal on his starting QB. Said they’re prepping everyone for Sunday #riders #cfl
11:18 AM - Nov 9, 2018

That’s not terribly unusual for them though. Zach took 1st reps for the other practices and Bridge to tail off the week…somewhat normal, so don’t read into it too much. Part of this “getting out there” now is playoff headgames as well.

Correct. He seemed pretty certain Collaros will not be back but offered nothing at this point what his future is. He said that's for the off season

Well is paying Collaros nearly 10% of the Cap, so that isn't true,
Reilly would cost more than Collaros

Collaros may not have fully recovered from his injury a few weeks ago. That may account for Bridge getting first team reps and the signing of Tate.

If Collaros comes back to the Riders next season expect a lower base salary.

As far as Reilly goes, the favorites to sign him will be Edmonton and BC with Saskatchewan a long-shot at this point.

Tate = likely replacing a 3rd string guy who doesn’t even do short yardage

Agreed on that last point…seems a likely pecking order.

Doesn't matter at all
Reilly is not going to Saskatchewan. Why!! a step backward. So why!!! and more money in Edmonton
where he owns property and lives. NFL?? Maybe!! Small chance but Maybe.

Per Dave Naylor

TSN has learned that @sskroughriders quarterback Zach Collaros will not be in uniform for the Western Semifinal versus @Wpg_BlueBombers on Sunday. Brandon Bridge starts. #CFL #Riders

…I’m anticipating a low scoring defensive affair at Mosaic tomorrow…


Advantage Winnipeg. The rider d and special teams need to score 2 or 3 times to win I’m afraid

The Riders would have needed at least 2 non offense TD's to win anyways. Unless the rider can set rushing records tomorrow, Monday will be "green" garbage bag day.

The real (and some would say only) hope for the riders is that Mike O'Shea finds a way to out-coach himself and keep the Riders in the game - to the extent they have a legit shot to pull things out in the final stages, albeit with any of Bridge, Watford or Tate at the helm. (Don't forget Nick Marshall either Nate)