Collaros vs Sunseri College to Pros

This week's starting QB's are resuming a rivalry that began in their Big East days at Cincinnati and Pitt.

you have my attention… what was their records head to head?

I will have to look that up. I did see Cincy beat Pitt at Heinz Field in 2011. They were about even in that one, but it wasn't one of Zach's better games. Pitt won in 2010.

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i got your back.

its 1-1 2010-2011

Here's another college connection for Collaros that occurred to me as I was watching some of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game on Saturday.

Collaros played at Cincinnati from 2008-2011.
In 2008 & 2009, his head coach was current Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly.
Prior to coaching at Cincinnati, Kelly was the head coach at Central Michigan from 2004-2006.
His starting QB in 2006.... was a freshman Dan Lefevour.

And I believe Butch Jones coached Dan at CM and Zach at Cincy.

The River City Rivalry.

In 2010 Pitt beat Cinci 28-10. Zach was 12/24 for 109 yards with 1 TD & 3 INT's and a 30.9 QB rating. Tino was 14/23 for 158 with no TD's & 1 INT and a 62 QB Rating.

In 2011 Cinci beat Pitt 26-23. Collaros was 19/32 for 214 yards with no TD's & 2 INT's for a QB rating of 29.5. He ran 11 times for 20 yards and scored 2 TD's on the ground. Sunseri was 24/38 for 218 yards with 1 TD & 1 INT for a QB rating of 39.5. He ran 16 times for 64 yards and scored 1 TD.