Collaros vs. Mitchell

Collaros was 25 for 33 for a total of 342yds with 1 TD and 0 interceptions.


Mitchell was 25 for 34 for 334 yards 0 TDs and 1 interception.

Despite the lopsided time of possession the stats were remarkably even across the board. Cornish had a meager 25 yards on the night. It's almost harder to accept the loss when you look at the stats. Anyway, my wife says I need to stop looking at the Board until next year. :wink:

Have to say, stats here are a bit misleading.

Collaros did well in protecting the ball (ie. no INTs), but the missed red-zone opportunities are what gets me.

If there's one are to improve in 2015, it's the red-zone.

Absolutely 100% agree

Was it really Collaros who called the two runs from the three yard line, or does he have an option to change the play? Maybe the OC had something to do with that.

Also, if Banks return had not been run back and the Cats won, wouldn't Mitchell have been criticized for "not putting Hamilton away" and throwing the pick that changed the contest's momentum? He actually could have been sort of a goat.

When Calgary and Bo come to THF next season we
Will have Grey Cup rematch THF style and we will get some revenge and make it nice and cozy for B25 Mitchell And Bomb him! I am looking forward to a piece of these guys more than Playing the Airblows :twisted: :rockin: man that game will sell out in 10 minutes$! Kick the horses Ass!

I was shocked when they showed Zack attacks stats at the half. My step dad made the comment "they were probably from the Montreal game" lol.

They were pretty even stats wise, I forget prior to the fumble we were moving the ball fairly well.

When one considers that Mitchell took over as the starter on a team where he already knew the offense, receiving corps, coaches and their expectations compared to Zach who took over on a NEW team where he had to learn a NEW offense, and become accustomed to NEW team mates. coaches and their expectations, Zach's progress and play are every bit as impressive as MItchell's (maybe even a bit moreso). Consider too that the Stamps are a well-established team which has had continuity at key coaching positions for several years as compared to the Ticats where just over 60% of the players were in their first or second year on the team and a few of the receiving corps were with the team for only a few weeks! Zach missed twice as many games too but both QBs managed to help their teams get to the Grey Cup and both played well.

Mitchell will be talked about more because of course his team won but Zach has a huge upside and, according to his post season remarks, LOVES Hamilton and is very happy to be here. Looking forward to a great 2015 season with him continuing to improve and impress!

Funny. They give the MOP to someone who statistically wasn't the best player in the game (by position). If the return TD had stood, would Zach or Speedy-B have won MOP?

Without a doubt it would've went to Banks.If the punt return would've counted it would've given him 290 yds of total offense for the game plus he would've scored both of our touchdowns as well. As it stands now,even without the pr td he still racked up 200 yds of offense for the game and scored our lone td as well.



2 catches/81 yds/45 yds longest /40.5 yd avg/1 td

Kickoff returns

2 returns/48 yds/24 yd avg/longest 29 yds

Punt returns

6 returns/71 yds/11.8 yd avg/longest 45 yds
No penalty,no flag and the stats would've been
6 returns/161 yds/26.8 yd avg/longest 90 yds/1 td

Doesn’t matter who called them they were the right plays to call imo.

Yah likely they woulda said Bo is young inexperienced. The story definitely from the talking heads would of been the Stamps lost rather than the Cats win.

If you look at the break down of the game, despite what the talking heads at TSN said, Mitchel had an excellent 1st quarter. In the 2nd Quarter he has one good drive, and a very rough 2nd half.

But TSN isn't going to give the MOP to a member of the losing team, and his performance in the 1st was enough.