Collaros vs Jennings

Jennings showed some reason for optimism, but not lots. Didn't get to see Collaros but game stats were not good. So I am leaning slight more for Jennings but still doubting either one will do well enough

Both are talented but I'm wondering if Collaros has had too much "shell shock" to ever be the qb many thought he would be.

I'll take Jennings at this point.

I believe that Jennings is in the better position to "get his mojo back".

I have said all off-season that the Riders may have brought in lots of players all over the place, BUT the one place they did not improve was on the O-line (one could even argue they got worse). If you watch KG and BB last year, they were running for their lives all year long. With a better O-line, they maybe win a few more games.

You put Zach in that same situation and you do not "set him up for success". He's gonna get hit time and again. I hope he doesn't get hurt (again), but I think both pre-season games have shown that they can't protect the QB. What made AC so successful for years in Montreal? Simple, the guy had time to bake a cake before he "had" to throw the ball, behind their O-line. That is the Riders biggest weakness and it is (IMO) why Zach is not in a position to "get his mojo back".

Just my 2 cents

Jennings better by a bunch. Collaros same as normal weak!!

I've been saying this exact same thing for some time now over in the Ti-Cat forum . Believe it or not there is still some fans in Hamilton who are still lamenting the loss of Zach . They don't like it much when I bring up this subject about how the Riders Line is akin to a piece of Swiss Cheese .Most likely by far the worst in the league . I'm afraid to say it BUT the Collaros of 2015 is dead and gone and buried and won't ever be back anytime soon . He has been replaced with a shell shocked noodle armed newer version that will get destroyed this year playing behind what the Riders are calling an O-Line .

As for Zach getting hurt again ? I'm giving it to maybe game 5 or 6 or maybe even sooner before he's back on the sidelines in civvies once again . I'm saying this with no malice towards Zach , I like the guy but in all honesty the Riders I feel got sold a bad bill of goods when they dealt for Zach . I can hear all the Rider fans now all ready to pounce all over me and call me all sorts of bad names BUT that's okay. it is what it is and I'm just telling you like it is .

Besides like I've already said I even got fans of my own team who are still pissed that we let go of Zach giving me grief about the reality of the situation . A reality that they don't want to listen to or refuse to listen to unfortunately . In reality it was in the best interest of the team to cut ties with ZC we simply couldn't go on moving forwards as a team with him as our QB any longer . Not to mention his over bloated contract , his infamous twelve (12) game losing streak to boot and counting and the fact that he just has not been the same QB since his ACL injury that sidelined him halfway thru the 2015 season not to mention his numerous concussions and other nicks and bruises along the way that have diminished his confidence and has effected the way he once played the position .


This right here: what Bobo wrote. Zach Glassaros is done.