Collaros trade talks...The future Argos QB?

Ticats discussed Zach Collaros trade with Riders, received offer from Argos
Posted on August 30, 2017 by Justin Dunk
Hamilton has discussed trading quarterback Zach Collaros with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and received a substantial offer from the Toronto Argonauts, per sources.

This would be a great trade for Toronto. Zac has lost his confidence and needs out of Hamilton. Trestman is just the guy to fix it.

Depends what Popp is willing to give away... 3 Canadians and a Pick for Collaros is ridiculous with the money he's making, he's going to be cut loose anyway.

Depends on which Canadians. I'm sure the Argos would love an insurance policy for Ricky Ray. For me it would need a least two of starter quality and one in a hard to fill position like Offensive tackle or a solid DB.

The CFL draft simply doesn't have anywhere near the same amount of value as most other drafts do. NFL aspirations for the cream of the crop, and maturation time of players isn't conducive to being able to keep most of your draft picks, so I generally don't value picks very much.

That the heck would Toronto be able to tank, Ricky Ray, SJ Green and Zach Collaros's salaries? That's more then 1.25 million between three guys.

Maybe put Ray in some coaching/player category where they could partition off some of that salary as a coach. I don't know?

Collaros needs a place where he can play. He won't play in Toronto until Ray retires or is hurt. Toronto is a bad spot for anyone that thinks they can get playing time (even back up time) because it won't happen in Toronto. Ray never missed a down against Montreal 2 weeks ago, the message was sent.

He would be better off anywhere else, even Ottawa.

Dumb move for Popp. Too much money and too many assets for a player who won't play and will likely be released in the off season.

Agree . If you look at Trestman's history when he was with the Alouettes , he was very much a one quarterback type of coach . It didn't or never seemed to matter to Trestman regardless of what the score was(good or bad) in any given game . The fact of the matter was that Calvillo was rarely pulled and on most nights played every snap from start to finish in pretty well every game and it was rare indeed when he did actually get pulled which didn't happen very often .

Perhaps the Argos should've never traded him to the Ticats in the 1rst place?

Dunk never said when the Argos made the offer. Could have been when Ray hurt his shoulder in the Calgary game and the Argos were panicking it might be long term. The Ray injury not being long term, the offer was rescinded.

Should Collaros be released in the off-season, that becomes interesting. Trestman probably wants to ride Ray as long as he can, but in the big picture you need to find the next guy.

Argos never traded him in the first place. He left as a free agent.

The Argos should not trade anything for Zach. Just wait until the tigercats dump his salary, then sign him to a much lesser deal without having to give up anything for him.

He wouldn't get a chance to play in Ottawa either, Harris will be the starter for a few more years at least. They have a decent backup in Tate if he gets injured.
He's got a much better chance of being a starter in Toronto, we know that Ray's chances of completing the season are not good and it's likely his final year.
The only teams that likely need a QB next year would be the Argos, Riders or Als

I think teams will be very reluctant in the future to continue to tie up such high percentages of salary in one or two players.

Edmonton has so much money tied up in Reilly and Bowman it's going to be debilitating.

I suspect the newer model will see more money spread around for talent surrounding a moderately priced ( $300-350,000) QB or less. ( see Sask, BC, now Hamilton probably). Winnipeg with Willy and Hamilton got burned and that will be etched in memory banks.

So I don't see teams trading for a $500,000 QB with cracked confidence, perhaps completely gunshy.

Trestman's MO sounds a lot like the most recent, previous (much criticized) TiCats coach... 1 QB no matter how he's playing or the situation ::slight_smile:

Guaranteed Ray will get hurt again. Ray needs time in the pocket and when he doesn't get it he's not effective.The Calgary game is a perfect example. First guy not open, 2nd guy not open...whamo!When Collaros is most effective is when he is running around. Austin tried to make him into a pocket passer and we all saw how effective that was. Collaros has a huge upside and the Argos need....NEED a QB that will succeed Ray.

That said, wonder if Popp/Trestman will make the same mistake they made when in Montreal. Ride AC and let someone else worry about his replacement. :wink:

with Franklin becoming available after this season, why should the Argos break the bank trading to their nemesis for Collaros?

they already hurt their future trading TJ Heath and draft picks for a dud in Willy. shouldn't repeat that mistake trading the future for over-paid dud, Collaros ( who is just as injury-prone as Ricky Ray is ).

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,"

No guarantee Franklin will be available or where he will go. Collaros is a proven starter that has had a terrible season. The team around him stinks. What is a proven starter worth? I see the Willy situation as a totally different situation. In my mind Willy never proved himself. Collaros has.

I do agree though. Popp and Trestman can't wait like they did in Montreal. That franchise has paid for that mistake for 5 years and is still paying for it.

My point. Ottawa is probably the worst fit for him, but would be better than Toronto.

And the Argos will pay as well. Out of the playoffs the first 3 seasons after Ray is gone unless they get lucky and sign a decent free agent.

This trade only makes sense for the Argos if they can get Collaros to agree to a reworked contract first. Otherwise, wait until he's released.

I'm guessing that the tiger-cats already tried to rework his contract, and he refused, which is why they are looking to trade him.

Toronto the city wont even flinch if Zac becomes an Argo again.

Sadly, Johnny Manziel would be just what the doctor ordered to wake up Toronto and get the folks to pay attention to the Argonauts.

Even if Manziel was a failure/trainwreck it would bring the team some much needed attention. Yet if Manziel actually was committed he would be a very good CFL QB.

When the Argos signed Ricky Ray it was barely a BLIP on the sports media radar. Zac wouldn't even be a Blip.