Collaros to Wpg

If the Bombers trade to get Collaros they really are stupid at the top. All they have to do to secure Collaros is tell his agent they will pay him more than anyone else and he will be their starter. Done Deal he will hold out for free agency. Even if the Red blacks take him which I doubt they will he will still likely hold out to ensure that he gets top dollar knowing that the Bombers need a starter.

I know that tampering is kind of a joke in the CFL, but c'mon.

Argos were only fined $5000 for tampering when they got Jones out of calgary.

Seems like it would be the best $5000 the bombers could spend.

To tell him what ? The obvious? Collaros can take his sweet time and he may even wait until the league decides on what the cap is going to be. Gives him time to promote himself to NFL teams. Its not like he's in danger of not finding a team in the CFL for next season.

A lot will depend on the expansion draft and who Ottawa wants. Dejardins has continually stated that they don't want to take free agents, but really until it happens who knows. Personally I think way too many people think Collaros to Winnipeg is guaranteed or something, which I really don't understand.

I thought about that too. Seems like there are quite a few NFL teams with uncertainty at multiple depth spots that could look at him considering he's now got something on tape. He could be a good 3rd QB on the depth chart for a lot of teams. But at 28 he might be a bit old for a 3rd QB for quite a few teams. Still...

but then according to this source

Two veteran CFL agents are courting Collaros.

The backup Argos quarterback is considering switching representation to sign on with a connected CFL agent. Collaros currently works with agent Mike Simon but is considering all his options at this point.

I don't see why you'd switch agents for a more CFL experienced agent if you're thinking about the NFL. If the story is accurate, I think he's just trying to work himself the best deal possible between Ottawa and Winnipeg.

actually, Collaros just turned 25, a perfect age to attempt an NFL spot if there is any interest south of the border.

More than likely, Zach would be relegated as backup material in the NFL regardless (with ample compensation), and while he may squeeze a CFL starter salary during the upcoming FA, there is no guarantee he will remain as one as the jury is still out on his star status.

an exciting player with excellent improvisational skills, yet invariably inconsistent that which is not uncommon for a rookie.

7-8 additional starts should provide a better indication of his true status in the CFL and ability to adapt to new playbook and coaching regimes.
remember, many thought Steven Jyles (including me) and Marsh/Neiswander were going to be a force in this league..

Losing Zach either to FA or by a trade should not be an option.
Yes I may be only one of few that would take him over Ricky

You can't protect both of them in the draft, and if Zach is a FA than he can decide where he wants to go. Unless they offer right now to make him the starter in Toronto next year, I don't think he's sticking around.

It'd be a pretty gutsy move at this point to replace Ricky Ray, that's for sure.

If I'm the Argos, I stick with RR now as my starter.

My bad. I was under the impression for some reason he was 28. Should've double checked. 25 is a good age for a NFL backup.

I'll add to your nightmare. It is very possible that Collaros leaves via free agency and Ottawa claims Harris.

Could be worse Ottawa picks Harris and signs Collaros.

I would make that more right now.
After all Ricky was traded before so it should not be a shocking event.
In my opinion his best before date either has passed or is rapidly approaching.
Zach is much younger and has a greater upside.

The argos stocked up and carried 5 QBs all season. They could lose both Collaros and Harris and I think they would be OK with Ray backed up by Mitchell Gale and Josh Portis. If anyone can afford to lose a couple of QBs it would be them.

Kyle Walters has been named the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' next general manager.

"This is a great honour to represent fans across the province as the general manager of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers," said Walters. "This franchise is embedded in our community and I'm very excited to steer us in the right direction moving forward."

Since August, Walters has been aggressive in creating positive change in football operations, both through trades and signing free agents, something he says will continue into the winter.

"No stone will go unturned, in any regard, in making this team better," said Walters. "My goal for this team is to be competitive on a weekly basis, make the playoffs and be an annual contender."

Walters took over as the acting general manager on August 13, 2013. Prior to that, he served as assistant general manager and director of Canadian scouting with the Blue Bombers.

In total, Walters has 12 seasons of CFL experience as a player, coach and assistant general manager.

"Kyle is a strong leader with a wealth of knowledge of the Canadian Football League. His professionalism and great desire to win make him exactly what this organization needs in its next general manager," Bombers president Wade Miller said.

Walters played seven seasons in the Canadian Football League with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and won a Grey Cup championship with the team in 1999.

[url=] ... 24881.html[/url]
Toronto Argonauts GM Jim Barker is trying to sign quarterback Zach Collaros to a contract so he can trade him. Barker has been talking to Collaros's agent but has made little progress so far. Collaros is set to be a free agent in February and can control his destiny at that stage, so is reluctant to sign a contract with the Argos just so they can flip him.

Walters may have to make a conditional trade with the Argos and then try to sign Collaros himself. A late draft pick for the right to talk to Collaros, and if the Bombers can sign him the draft selection would elevate to a higher round or perhaps become a roster player.

With only 6 days until the RedBlacks draft, is there now a roster freeze in effect which would prevent the argos from trading Collaros until after the draft ( assuming they still have him after the draft) ?

Yes protection lists have been handed to the league. This Collaros trade was always pie in the sky.

...I've got a hunch Collaros will go to free agency...It leaves all options open .....unlike Mike Reilly last year who knew exactly where he wanted to go...I was never enamoured with a trade involving pics and players to obtain him...It looks like T.O will lose him one way or the other....Might even be drafted by the Redblacks BUT as soon as fa hits, he'll have a good look around and most likely be gone....Zack was in the process of changing agents...Has anyone heard that he has???or still in the process... :roll: