Collaros to Wpg in a trade???

....Rumours only right now and I wouldn't expect anything to be officially announced but the rumourville is hot with a trade between Bombers and Argos....Of course it was only blurbed on the pregame today and nobody knows who it involves...Collaros was mentioned and I wonder who the player(s) could be and IF it has foundation does it involve pics....??????Interesting.. things are starting to heat up :wink:

I thought the current rosters are suppose to be frozen until after the expansion draft. Besides Collaros is in his option year. Why trade for a player who will be a FA in February.

Exactly. They just wanted to throw a bone out there.

I could be wrong,but I do think that the rosters will be frozen,effective December 9,2013. The League will then publish the list of potential free agents.


To get a jump on signing him like Edmonton did with Reilly.

I doubt players will be involved, more likely just draft picks.

That only makes sense if that’s where Collaros wants to go. Or its a favor to Toronto to help them hide Collaros in return for some kind of favor.

If ever the Argos were to trade Collaros to Winnipeg,they would want/ask for NIP LB Henoc Muamba.


....According to Naylor (who is a pretty good source) a deal is imminent as soon as the Cup game is over (grace period before the dispersal)....AND I doubt very much that it will involve Henoc...I would venture to say a lot of players who are unsigned right now will never see fa and it is most likely a ploy to keep Ottawa from looking their way....A deal is almost done for Muamba and as soon as the Collaros deal is announced should give him incentive to remain a Bomber...He's probably going to get a big pay day and he loves the community...This is all speculation of course but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Henoc :lol: ...And from what I hear...a deal is on the table for Collaros...IF he agrees to forego fa and is signed to a contract both sides like,(we definitely have qb cash as we have cleared the decks for that eventuality) Bombers certainly have their guy and a solid addition for the rebuild will have begun :wink:

Short answer - rosters aren’t frozen until Dec 8 at midnight. Teams can still trade after that date and before the draft but it has to involve the Redblacks and a player they already have the rights to, either from last years draft or neg list, and they can trade any player they select during the expansion draft it seems. And as for doing the Argos a favour, we can’t really hide Collaros. He’d have to stay here for two regular season games before he could be traded back to Toronto. So any trade involving him to Winnipeg would probably mean he’s here for the long term.

Only other question I have is if teams will know which players other teams have left unprotected? Seems with the rule requiring Ottawa to stay mum on which players are and aren’t protected, all the teams might be blind to what other teams have done.

Long form explanation for those interested -

All teams will be able to trade amongst one another from Midnight ET on November 24th until 11:59pm ET on December 8th.
The League will issue a trade freeze that will run from Midnight ET on December 8th through the end of the Expansion Draft on December 16th at 4:00pm ET. However, from December 9th until the conclusion of the Draft (4pm ET), teams may make trades during this time if they directly involve the Ottawa REDBLACKS. For the REDBLACKS to conduct a trade, it can only involve players signed by Ottawa prior to the Draft, players acquired in the Expansion Draft or future Draft picks. However, in order to maintain the integrity of the Expansion Draft, Ottawa will not be eligible to solicit trades or incur benefits from other Clubs by agreeing NOT to choose an unprotected player.

For trades that occur between Grey Cup and December 8th, the Commissioner will enforce language from the by-laws in relation to in-season trades and forbid any player traded during that window to be traded back to the original Club until he has been on the roster for two regular season games.

Ottawa is forbidden from contacting any player prior to officially selecting him in the Expansion Draft.

Ottawa will keep the list of unprotected/protected players throughout the League confidential.

Any player signed by a Club after their protected list has been submitted to the League Office on December 9th will automatically be exposed to Ottawa on December 16th.

If a Club protects a non-import kicker on December 9th and ends up losing a Quarterback in the Expansion Draft; they have the opportunity to protect an additional non-import player prior to the commencement of the first round of non-import selections by Ottawa. (Expansion Draft guidelines outline that if a Club loses a QB, they cannot lose a non-import kicker).</blockquote>


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…Current rosters are unfrozen for the period between the end of the Cup game till the 8th of Dec…I would say you’ll probably hear of a few deals during that time :wink:

Considering that Collaros is Ray's understudy and what the Argos paid to get Ray, I figure we should get Collaros for a couple of scratched toonies. If Henoc has to be in the deal, I would nix it. We'll find a QB elsewhere.

Were I to be calling the shots, there's no way I would trade Henoc for an as-yet unproven backup QB regardless of how much potential one thinks he may have. If the Argos want Henoc, they'd have to sweeten the pot considerably, by including another player and/or draft picks in addition to Collaros.

Henoc is too big a price to pay for Collaros. Collaros has had his moments but been inconsistent. The bombers are too weak on the NI side and trading away your top NI talent and one that is further ahead in his career doesn't make sense. Only way it could happen is if Henoc has told the bombers there is no way he'll resign, which doesn't seem likely considering some of the reports that have come out.

Collaros has value to the Argos in the extra NIs they can protect if they were to lose him in the expansion draft. And Toronto might not want to take on extra players to muddle their plans on how they will protect players in the draft. Taking that into account, I have to agree with Blueblood, its more likely to involve draft picks. Maybe this years 1st rounder and one more. We traded away our 2nd rounder with Alex Hall in the Neufeld trade, so maybe a 2nd rounder next year? Or we have an extra 3rd rounder from Toronto in the Anthony Woodson trade, we could give that one back to them or give them our original 3rd rounder which puts the Argos drafting a couple slots higher.

I love your optimism but why would Collaros forego free agency when at least two teams will be looking for a starting QB ? I’m not sure I would take Henoc for Collaros. Because the Argos would not be able to protect an extra two Non Imports and all they would get in exchange for Collaros is a player who is a FA. I’d rather lose Collaros in the expansion and get to protect two extra guys.

You won’t get Collaros in a trade unless you trade Muamba or your first round draft choice. I’m pretty sure Barker would be ok with getting the draft pick, since Collaros is leaving Toronto no matter what. But don’t you need that high draft pick to start restocking the shelf with quality Canadian depth in Winnipeg?

And who is negotiating this trade from Winnipeg’s end? Walters? Is he even the full-time GM yet?

…First of all…I want you to harken back to last fa when a free agent qb. by the name of Reilly turned his back on fa. (and possibly more cash) because he wanted to play in Edm. and be a starter…He wasn’t guaranteed that job because he had to beat out Nichols for that right, which he did…BUT he signed there anyway…Also he knew that club was in rebuild mode with a green(and gold) coach…I’m going to fast forward now to Collaros and the Bombers…Is it the exact situation…Depends on how you want to look at it…Zack could sign on with Ottawa and compete with Tate or Glenn (they will take one of them) for the starting role there and guess who’d win that one…He is not going to get the opportunity (like Reilly had in edm.) to be a starter other than Winnipeg…Argos won’t get any better deal than what the Bombers are going to give them…namely a high draft pic and or an exchange of one in the first round and possibly a player…Barker is starting to throw out red herrings that ‘possibly’ Collaros will take a shot down south lol…Sure he will :lol: after six good games in the CFL??? So let’s be realistic…Argos don’t want Collaros playing for a division rival …the natural is Wpg. being the best fit…It most likely will be announced next week after the Cup… :wink:

…I would say a first round pic will be involved and a player…We won’t be giving up a first rounder rather there will be an exchange of same… My take anyway AND forget Muamba…maybe the rights to Mulumba…but that’s another kettle of fish :wink:

Toronto would likely prefer a 1st round pick that they don't have to protect vs a free agent. They have no use for TheHenoc with Corey Greenwood who has not been picked up in the NFL and will likely be in camp in June. If the pick is conditional that could work since if Collaros opts for FA the Bombers lose nothing.

Its not in the Argos hands at this point, the season is over. Its really up to Collaros. I just don’t see what’s in it for him. If Winnipeg wants him that bad they will make him an offer when free agency opens anyway. Also distance could play. Ottawa is 500 miles from home. Winnipeg is 1400 miles.

I’m not sure how it could be out of the Argos hands. The Argos could give the bombers permission to speak with Collaros to gauge his interest in signing here, then work out a deal. The could try force the bombers into an advantageous deal without allowing the bombers the opportunity to talk to Collaros in advance like BC tried to do with Reilly. They could also work out a conditional deal trading collaros to the bombers with the return depending on if the bombers manage to sign Collaros before FA. Of they could hold onto Collaros and see what happens with the expansion draft.

Whatever they do, the Argos hold all the cards up to the expansion draft and, if not selected by Ottawa, then they will continue to hold the cards up till mid February. Only way Collaros and what he wants figures into the equation is if the Argos try to make a move to make him happy and benefit themselves in the process or when it actually comes time for him to talk deal with a team/teams. The distance could play a factor for Collaros like it did for Reilly, or he could just want a starting job and not care where he gets that shot. If that’s the case, he would have here but not 100% guaranteed in Ottawa.