Collaros to Toronto

black: You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this post.

I can see Zac having a good season with Arblows , he’s tough and now he better play smart .

I see this as a good move for the CFL , I have no idea if their O Line can protect him .

The Greenies paid a large portion of Zac’s salary up front ,true? Rest is playing performance $$$…?

I disagree. This is the same situation that Collaros was in when he left here. Injury history, going to a worse-off team who is going to expect him to clean up their mess, even though they have a sub-par O line.

It won’t be considered win-win for Sask if Fajardo gets injured or his performance drops off. It won’t be win-win for Toronto is Collaros gets injured or he can’t do anything with their offence.

I’m very concerned for Zach’s health behind that sieve in Toronto.

Count: In the here and now…it makes sense. Two months from now…who knows?
The Blue team needs to do something about its QB problem… fast!

Riders have placed everything in the hands of Fajardo, a backup, and absolutely nothing behind him. Don’t see how much of a win it is long term for them.

Next stop Hamilton, repeat cycle. :smiley:

Last time he dressed, he lasted exactly 2 plays.

It doesn’t make much sense for the “here & now”, if at all. Clearly a desperation move.


Been like this for a while now. We just didn’t notice cause Masoli was healthy

Pretty sure at one point only Burris and Bo were healthy

did someone say Burris…now wouldn’t that be a comeback story

Count: The Green team is probably happy to unload him. The Blue team got him for a draft pick and Zach will be closer to his family. We’ll see.

Regardless…I hope he doesn’t come back with the Blue team to haunt us this season. And I also hope he doesn’t end up with another concussion that will have severe long term consequences for him.

Bet on the latter.

It sucks because I loved Zach when he was here, but now I’m just worried for the guy.

Riders have put all their eggs in one basket. If Fajardo gets hurt, that’s their season.

If Collaros comes back to haunt us it will likely be because Evans isn’t playing well.

Collaros isn’t turning this team around. It’s a desperate panic move from Popp.

Wonder where they have that cap room.

Really B-T for us? He throws more interceptions than he does completions ( ok a bit exaggerated), but you know what I mean!


I wonder if the CFL once again has a different set of rules for the Argos, then everybody else?

Same could be said for Riders, when Jones at the helm. But maybe they know how to juggle/manage their finances.

Maybe its Popp? Montreal used to carry a whack of veterans and was always adding high calibre recruits when he was there. Then along came Reed who recently got stung with a boondoogle of under-the-table payments. Couldn’t juggle like Popp did, maybe?

The Argos would have saved a few bucks on Franklin’s contract while he was on the 6-game. Do we know for a fact that Zach is that much more expensive, given that his signing bonus has already been paid by SSK? If he plays, another Argo QB will not.

You are correct.