Collaros to the Argos?

3 Down reporting that Saskatchewan and Toronto have both been discussing trade with Hamilton for Zach Collaros. At first blush one would think no way Hamilton would trade Collaros back to the Argos, but June Jones and even Kent Austin may have started thinking Zach is not the player they signed a few years ago. Then there is the trio of former NFL QB's on the Ticat negotiation list who would probably command Collaros money to sign. So your team is 0-8 and Collaros is something like 0-16 going back to last year. Might to be time to cut bate and move on. I would hate to see the Argos give up a lot of their good young Canadians as being reported though.

If the Argonauts LOSE on Labour day, why not TRADE Ricky Ray for Zac Collaros and the rights to Johnny Football?

Just thinking out of the box

You're thinking outside the realms of reality.

No thanks to Zach.
Too much money, not enough accuracy, too injury prone, whiny attitude.

The Cats should simply move on from Austin...

Wait until the off season and see if Collaros gets released due to his massive contract, if he does get the boot, I'd give him a call. Trading for him wouldn't be a good idea at this point.

A 1st and a 3rd plus our best DB should do the trick. It worked last year. ;D

This is what I see happening. Collaros doesn't seem to fit into the mold in TigerTown and Ray won't be throwing footballs forever in TO. Collaros needs some subtle coaching and confidence work and Trestman is that type of coach. Might be a very good fit.