Collaros takes part in Friday practice

REGINA — Mike O’Shea thought Zach Collaros looked “fantastic.” Brady Oliveira called him “the ultimate competitor.” Greg Ellingson simply said it was fun to have his quarterback back on the field.

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Willie Bethea, the Hamilton Tiger-Cat's running back of the gritty sixties played a Grey Cup with - ouch - a cracked rib. Willie was a tough guy as he must have eaten iron nails for breakfast. Best success to Zach.

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Chris Streveler played with a fractured ankle and a high sprain on the same ankle... he still managed to rack up a lot of yards running.

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I took out the trash :wastebasket: with a paper cut, nothing worse than a paper cut. :ambulance::syringe:


And there is Dunnigan playing GC 1991 with a broken collarbone practicing throws to Mike McCarthy in the hotel ballroom. Also Tony Champion playing injured in GC 1989.
Nobody is hurting playing in a Grey Cup game, when it is all on the line.

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I too remember Willie Bethea ( a name I sadly had forgotten) - he was a great running back, who had both talent and courage. Thanks for the memories.,

I really don't see Collaros sitting this one out. If you look at the Bomber's Injury List - hell half the team is "Questionable!" I think O'Shea is just being coy with the media.

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I would be very surprised if Zack Collaros is not the starting quarterback under center for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Coach O'Shea has been listing his starters "Questionable" throughout this 2022 regular season. :rofl: Any elite athlete from any team sport want's to be playing in a "Championship Game" The tough decision however relies on the coach's ability to see if their performing and being productive enough to stay in the game, or if their present injury is putting the team's ability to win :question: and players health at risk :interrobang:

Note: Here is a photo of Zack decked out in Argo Blue-2013 from my archives file. :100: :canada: :football: