Collaros su_k$!

..... at playing behind the absolute worst Oline in football with maybe one legitimate receiver to throw to.....

carry on...

.........Johnny Aprile ? ::slight_smile: ???

Just watching the Wpg/Edm game and Dave Taylor's recap on Justin Medlock's stats.

Maybe Zach's biggest loss is Medlock? Taylor points out all the benefits Medlock brings. Only need to get to opposition 40 or 45 for Medlock to score FG, good at pinning opposition deep on kick-offs, so often get ball back with maybe one, possibly two, first downs away from another FG. Kicks 5 or more FGs a game, equivalent to a couple of TDs.

Combine that with Speedy's returns, and Zach had a short field on a lot of his series back in 2015 - his best year to date. Not so common since Medlock left and Speedy went in the tank, putting pressure on Zach to deliver sustained drives from deep in his own end. Two and outs or two first downs and out don't produce much scoring from your own side of centre field.

(not to mention that the D used create field position all on their own)

So combine this with the fact that we had a good D.... and you're saying football is a team game.
I would agree.

Zach's problem is that he is too slow with his release...back in Mac's day he just throw to a spot (allot of the time) & the receivers had to be there...hard to defend & very hard to sack. He just needs a good game & he'll be OK...the 2 games against Edmonton that should have been wins should have built his confidence but I guess the word is patience!

Don't misunderstand, I am not trying to call out Castillo nor to say that Medlock should have been kept here in Hamilton, just trying to point out that Zach's best time was when Medlock was here and Banks was burning up yardage on returns. I feel Zach well benefitted from Medlock's scoring and Banks giving him good field position.

I concede Castillo's edge in percentage, but as to stats, with just one more game played, Medlock has "outscored" Castillo 112 to 42, and has 34 attempts to Castillo's 12. Got to think that production is a benefit to Nichols, and certainly would be to Zach. I realize many factors account for that difference, but, just the same, those 70 points would have been nice for Zach to work with?

I would respectfully point out that Winnipeg's offence got Medlock into field goal position 22 more times than Hamilton's offence has done for Castillo. So, in my mind, it's the offence that hasn't given Castillo the opportunity to put up an additional 70 points, rather than Castillo not giving Zack the 70 points to work with.

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You're right, and I agree that they are playing in different offences. It is just that I see "field goal position" for Medlock as longer than "field goal position" for Castillo. For example, Castillo has tried only 4 FGs from 40 or more yards, his longest being 48. Medlock has tried 11 from that range, 5 of those 50 or more yards and his longest is 57 yards.
If I am Nichols, I have to be more confident thinking that I just need to cross mid-field (depending on wind of course) to give Medlock an opportunity, whereas Zach has to be thinking 40 yard line.
So again - I am not knocking Castillo, or Collaros, in anyway, shape or form - I'm just saying that it has to be a benefit to a QB that Medlock has that longer range, and that it plays into a benefit that Zach used to have, but possibly does not any more.

Speedy has trouble running into a stiff breeze!

just got home from the game, he had plenty of time to throw tonight, terrible, check down only, won't run, prob won't start next game.

I agree blackandgld - Castillo has been the least of the Ticats problems. Banks lack of returns and the short field that the Ticats often give up to opposing returners I think has had more of an impact than Medlock signing elsewhere.