Collaros, Stanback headline 2021 CFL Award finalists

TORONTO — Montreal Alouettes running back, William Stanback, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros will vie for the league’s top individual honour, the Most Outstanding Player award, at the 2021 CFL Awards. The evening ceremony on Friday, December 10 at 6 p.m. at the Hamilton Convention Centre serves as the marquee event during Grey Cup Week.

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Although there could be some minor quibbling with some of the selections, for me the Canadian nominee in the West, I would say that there is no major horrible selection and that all of the nominees are deserving.


They stuck Jordan Williams name under Mike O'Shea's picture. I guess BC gets to win CFL Coach of The Year honors this year. To the sneaky goes the spoils. :grin:

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Nic Demski should be up for Canadian, he lead all Canadian receivers this year. DeAundre Alford should be the West's rookie, he stood out on an outstanding defence, as a rookie. No offence to Bo Lokombo & Jordan Williams but if your linebackers are making that many tackles, generally the other team is winning and you are being run on all the time.


Time to pick the winners:

Don't need to say much here. More valuable to his team than Stanback is to the Als, even if that isn't the exact criteria.

The Rep from a generational defence. In my opinion should have been Jeffcoat but either player by a mile over Lawrence. Not even close here.

Had much more of an impact on games for his team than Lokombo, who also had a great rookie year.

Simply the best in the game for almost a decade. Protects the blind side and Collaros sacked least in the league. Bombers second in rushing without their starting RB most of the year. 'Nuff said.

Doesn't matter what anyone else did. This should be a unanimous selection.

Although Nicastro played very well it is hard for an OL to be as sexy to the voters as someone with the number of tackles that Williams had.

Coached the most dominant CFL squad in recent memory to an 11-1 record, not counting exhibition games. Kept the players focused on the game at hand and motivated. Didn't allow anything negative to set in among the Bombers after winning it all in 2019. Dinwiddie's Argos finished with a better record than almost everyone predicted, but could easily have lost several games where they were less than overwhelming, the OT win against BC being the most obvious example. Also several questionable coaching decisions, like learning about how the CFL clock worked on the fly in that BC game.

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O’Shea better get top rookie is all I’m saying!

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Love Collaros, always have, but Stanback gets this one. He's an unstoppable force while Collaros this year was really taking the snaps for a dominant team. Collaros led the league in passing but barely. The Bombers were head and shoulders above everyone so it says something that Collaros didn't whoop all the other QBs too. He played great, not amazing.

Bighill on defense for sure.

Lokombo for Canadian. He was a constant playmaker. Menard wasn't even a full time player all year. Hard to justify that one.

Bryant for lineman.

Dedmon ... d'uh!

Nicastro absolutely. Williams shouldn't even be representing the west. He made a lot of tackles but he made a lot of errors too. Go watch Janarion Grant's punt return TD against Lions and see Williams totally whiff at the point of attack. Alford or maybe Shaeffer-Baker should be there instead.

O'Shea, hands down.

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Thought Dave D. Might get some consideration as coach of the year after taking a group of kids and moulding them into a contender in less than a year
But I can’t argue with any of the selections
Go stamps

He'll get the "Best Homeless Looking Coach Award" for sure .

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That's funny, :rofl: BTW your avatar is the monkey. Hmm

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Let's get one thing straight...That's Mr. Monkey to you :monkey_face: :rofl: :rofl:


My apologies. Mr. Monkey Sir.
I think both you and O'Shea could use a spa day.


Great Idea ! :monkey_face: :monkey_face:

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See no evil, hear no evil........Ok what happened to do no evil.

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He was too busy on his phone to get into the pic .

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Darnell Sankey deserved to be selected. 27 more tackles than Bighill to lead the league. Bighill was 9th.
Avery Williams was 16 up on Lawrence and would have been a good pick as well.
Puts awards into perspective.

Bighill is a great player for sure with a great resume . He also had as usual a solid season but I honestly can't figure out how he even got the top nomination on his own team let alone winding up as a finalist for this award . I'm sure I'm not the only one who was a little surprised when the team nominees were announced and it wasn't either Jefferson or Jeffcoat .

Nothing against Bighill personally but I honestly can't remember any outstanding plays he had this season (I'm sure there had to be a few at least)

Perhaps some of the Bomber fans on here who follow the team more closely can elaborate better on why it was Bighill who garnered the nomination .

He did make some big plays but I would have picked Jeffcoat. One thing in Bighill’s favour is that he calls the defensive signals and he certainly did that better than anyone in the league.

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I don’t think you can accurately adjust for quality of team when it comes to stats, but certainly Bighill and the rest of the Bombers shouldn’t be expected to have as many tackles say as Sankey, or many others. This is because they are on the field less and are also surrounded by more competent tacklers that get to the ball carrier before them. It’s hard to rack up tackles when your opponent is frequently going two and out in the fourth quarter. Only two tackles available per series much of the time.

Interesting take about the two nominees in the D-Player category . If you want to just strictly go by stats it's interesting to note that Lawrence by stats alone should win this award . He leads in pretty much every category .The total lines are interesting indeed .

Here are both their final stat lines for the season .


TT..........73 (5TH Over-All)


TT............70 (9TH Over-All)