Collaros signs $1.5 million extension (3 years) with TiCats

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti
Zach Collaros contract: 3/yrs $1.5m total (2016-2018).
In 2017, set to be #CFL highest-paid player earning over 520K, without bonuses #Ticats

even though Zach is pulling in the big bucks now, he will still not see playing time for quite a while yet...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@scratchingpost informs us that @ZCollaros7 has been put on #Ticats 6 game injury list. #CFL

It does not necessarily mean he will be out for 6 games , if he is then they save money against the cap . If he is not then they don't but they get him back on field , so makes sense to put him on .

On the TSN season preview show last night they said that he's not expected back until late July or August.

His salary may not count against the CAP although the club still has to pay him regardless of whether he plays or not.

A new bar has been reached. BLM is happy. Reilly too I imagine.

I doubt Reilly cares much as he recently signed a 3 year extension with the Esks and will be making over $500,000 for each of next two seasons (2017-2018) as well as a $200,000 signing bonus on top.

this season he is pulling $450,000

Ah...thanks. Forgot this.

indeed. There is only really 1 advantage to 1 gaming a player....granted a big one....and that is so that they can practice. If they are not immediately practicing you can take them off and basically play a 1 game IRL price for each week they were on....or use an exemption. in ZCs case, let's say he misses 3 games....then you use an exemption and pull him off...that is well over 80k of SMS saved....a good chunk of a salary for someone for an entire season. so now if it happens to go longer than the 3 weeks you anticipated you save a pile more...if it goes shorter you likely just pay it out.

Yes the one that got away and will likely cost us big time over the next few years.
Congratulations to Zach and the Cats for the singing.
Top pay for the arguably best QB in the league.