Collaros should get a qcoller for Christmas

I think Zack could be a prime sponsor for these guys.

Merry Christmas!

Why should he get a make-believe piece of equipment?

Why not get him some magic beans, or snake oil instead?

Just as effective.

Depends on proof of effectiveness. In which case it would be good for all QBs in all leagues.

I wish there had been something that would have helped Dunigan

The theory is that by applying a mini-sleeper hold on the jugular you increase blood pressure in the head (volume of blood around the brain) and that adds “padding” … my gut tells me this is voodoo science … sounds great but what happens if a hit causes a “brain bleed” … increased pressure increases blood loss … and maybe the brain doesn’t move as much but the increased pressure would seem to me to allow a more direct transfer of the force of a hit to the brain tissue.

I know Charleston Hughes is a big advocate for this product. While I personally am not convinced with the science behind it I am also of the thinking that it couldn’t hurt to wear it.

I heard it works really well to lighten the weight in your wallet.