Collaros set to make over $540,000 in 2018. Opinion?

Manziel is a pretty young guy too, so much potential, they should be developing him and practicing with the team now.

GO Johnny GO........In as , as far away as you can from Hamilton . Still can't figure out for the life of me why some supposedly knowledgeable football people think that signing this Effing little twit is a good idea ? (insert multiple thumbs down here )

If this moron didn't take the NFL seriously then just what makes anybody think that he'll take the CFL seriously ? Don't want him , don't need him , Big , Big NO , NO , NO to Moronziel !!! . Trust me , it'll be a Huge Mistake if this team signs this lowlife A-hole to a contract . (insert more multiple thumbs down here ) This guy is Not the answer to what ails this team .

Too funny.
Signing Johnny might be the only thing that gets rid of this senior management team. Though it will probably cost us 3 more years of not making the playoffs in a 9 team league. We seem to have a lot of patience though the way we threw this year away.

Is Manzeil talented...YUP
Would he generate North American interest if he signed...YUP
Would TMZ visit Hamilton...YUP
Would all college and pro players actually then know about the Hamilton Tiger Cats...YUP
Has Manzeil shown zero ability to keep his professional life on track...YUP

The obvious but not spoken about much truth about Manzeil is if the Cats take the huge risk, he stays on track (Very doubtful) he will bolt the CFL after the minimal contract term and head back to the NFL.
No doubt in my mind.
Thus this guy is not worth the time, effort and risk.

Maybe not worth that yet this year but I believe he will be & great for years to come...plain stupid to even think about trading him...and as far as the money they might think about a renegotiation...I'm sure he would understand seeing the year that he has had.He should have went in for awhile during the last game but better go in against Ottawa...the Cats will need their "A" game!

A couple of thoughts:

  • Collaros needs to be properly evaluated now that Austin is no longer the Head Coach. If can show he is still the starting QB then we use him all the way through the re-build.

-if the Tiger-Cats are having second thoughts about the money they agreed to pay Collaros the finger should be pointed at Scott Mitchell. He's the same guy who made Austin VP Football Operations, GM and Head Coach.
And if I had the time I could go back over the past 10 years and find a whole lot of other bad decisions that have been made by Mitchell.

I'm glad someone can see that Zach is a good starting QB...Sure there may have been a barking match with Austin but Kent just had too many jobs...I hope the hell this new HC can see that we need Zach in against Ottawa...or at least come off the bench to put a mix into things!!!

That's why I think it is for attitude adjustment, not ability adjustments, that he is benched.

I said it on page 2.

Totally.... because QBs get massive returns regardless of how they're doing

MISSISSAUGA – In one of the most significant trades in team history, the Toronto Argonauts Football Club has acquired two-time Grey Cup champion and elite QBRicky Rayfrom the Edm onton Eskimos in exchange for import QBSteven Jyles, non-import KGrant Shawand the Argos’ first pick in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft.
big bag of nothing for 2011 ricky ray....

Lulay tore his ACL last night. BC has no one behind Jennings at QB, and they are fighting to make the playoffs.

I predict Collaros will be traded to BC.

Possibility, but who do they get in return? maybe one of their speedy receivers, Arceneaux, Burnham.

Chris Williams :o

Collaros would be traded at his absolute lowest point in value. I think everybody would need to lower their expectations. No change we get any of their starting receivers for a Zach and his contract.

I can see it now. We trade Zach for a couple draft picks and a Canadian depth player and this place goes nuts again.

In a weird ironic twistsome think Zach is worth trading for top talent but he isn't good enough to start over Masoli.

I'd be shocked if Wally, of all CFL GM's, agreed to take on Zach's contract, regardless of who, or what, he might trade for him.

For Collaros to be a tradeable commodity, he would have to accept to write off his contract and with Toronto interested. His agent probably prefers to let his client hit free agency. Then they can make the deal with the team they want and that wants him.

If, after a few games, Masoli shows that he can execute the offense as well or better than Collaros has shown lately, I do not see why the team would continue to be burdened by Collaros' salary. In my opinion, at that point, Jones will be committed to Masoli and you do not pay a back-up QB a salary of $520,000+ in this league.

I think Collaros might agree to rewrite his contract if a trade were negotiated whereby he could start fresh and reunite with Condell and play under Trestman.

And what happens if Masoli falls flat on his face, and Zach comes in to win the game?