Collaros set to make over $540,000 in 2018. Opinion?


Thanks Grover.

Sounds like Collaros and Reilly did the best job negotiating, or had the best agents. Had Zach negotiated for $400k or $450k instead, I'm not so sure his job would have been guaranteed anyway given the same performance. And had he and the team met expectations or returned to their 2015 pace, we would not likely be having this conversation.

Assuming all their contracts expire next February (which I know they don't), I'm thinking:

  • Reilly wants the same or slightly more
  • BLM asks for Reilly-type money, or else tries the NFL route
  • Harris wants a bit more to get him closer to the leaders
  • Ditto for Nichols
  • Jennings will want more, but will only get it if he can re-establish himself. Only reason he accepted the current amount is because it was a renegotiation from a much lower base that he had locked into before he knew he'd be a starter.
  • Glenn has no leverage because of his age, but can likely get a similar structure with performance bonuses
  • Ray is happy with the same deal again, but more likely hangs up the cleats
  • Durant has to accept less, and is lucky if he can be slotted in as a starter

And Collaros has to accept less, because the market is the market. But it would be easier for him to accept less from another team than to renegotiate downward with the Cats. Just a matter of pride, and knowing that there issues run much deeper than his own play.

The Calvillo story is a rite of passage on this site. Except that unlike a normal rite of passage, which happens once, the Calvillo story must be rehashed every time it enters someone's mind. And everyone who says it believes they have come up with an original thought, even though it is now rolled out several times a day.

It is our own version of Godwin's Law.

Some great CFL coverage and they discuss the Collaros situation

ZC is still our QB and I don't think any trade should take place (but would you swap R. Ray for ZC for the rest of this season?). I think, as others have mentioned, that ZC lost confidence in himself and the staff and definitely the O-line; a "time-out" will do him good. I think he will start in 2 games (Lions). JM was not a whole lot better than a 'bad' ZC, so to put the team on JM's shoulders doesn't exactly seem like a smart move to me.

Is ZC worth the cash...NOPE, no one in the CFL is, not when you have a 5M cap.

I know Collaros hasn't played like the highest QB in the league. But does anyone think we'd be a much better team with say, Matt Nichols and an extra 140k in cap room? I don't think Collaros salary is the back breaker some people are making it out to be.

Collaros was Austin's guy, and now Austin is no longer the coach.

June Jones is now the coach, and Jones will pick his own guy to QB the team.

The fact that Jones immediately picked Masoli over Collaros speaks volumes. Our starting QB next year may not be Masoli, but it will definitely not be Collaros.

Tillman will try to move Collaros for assets to help Jones build a championship team going forward. Hopefully that means we deal Collaros to the Riders and not the Argos. Regardless, isn't it better to trade Collaros for something rather than just cutting him?

I think a potential trading partner could also be BC. Lulay is always hurt, and Jennings, like Collaros, seems to have lost his game.

To your first question, my answer would be -- Yes, I do, this year, because we'd be getting much better performance from our QB and have the extra dollars to invest in other areas of need.
To your second statement -- I'd agree, if he was performing at, at worst, the level of one of the top three QBs in the league.

The Austin Collaros relationship clearly hit the rocks this year. It is possible that Austin (wearer of many hats) wanted to teach Zach a lesson and get out of the contract so set him up for failure. How else do you explain the same crap plays game in and game out. All of sudden Jones is in charge and gets the ball to Speedy B as much as possible. Given the same plays and support Zac may have performed better but in the end you had 2 massive egos smashing into one another.

As I recall the AC story, Danny Mac and the Little General came to town with Darin Flutey. I recall Hamilton had their usual horrible O Line and AC was a gun slinger. I watched him throw for 500 yards. So, AC leaves because the braintrust didn't have any confidence in his ability. Once Danny Mac established himself and with an improved O Line the rest of the story worked fairly well. Fast forward, Zac has lost something in his physical and mental capabilities. Performance incentives is the only way moving forward. As I said on a previous post Austin was nuts to pay Collaros that amount of coin. Renegotiate or trade with a team out west.

So, you're suggesting that Austin, originally Zach's staunchest supporter, and granter of the $500,000/yr contract for some reason decided to teach Zach some kind of a lesson by calling badly designed and poorly timed plays? This was to make Zach look bad, and then allow Austin to terminate the contract that he himself negotiated and crowed about as locking up Zach through 2018?

Would it not be easier and much simpler to do what Jones did? Just bench Zach and then announce that he wasn't happy with his play? I think it is more likely that Zach read too many of his clippings about when he returned from injury he would be the team saviour ("Just wait until Zach is back", we all clammered). When he couldn't deliver, he started blaming everyone else, including his patron, Austin. Bit the hand that fed him once too often and is now paying for it.

Just saying. It’s possible. Clearly something happened to sour their relationship. It’s possible Austin the CO may have had seconds thoughts and saw Zac was performeting poorly…just like with Speedy B if you want to stay with the team…paycut.

I suppose it is like most relationships that hit the rocks. Blame is on both sides, especially when, as you say, egos are involved. A couple of very competitive personalities as well.

Still, I am reluctant to accept that Austin would jeoprodize the entires team's fortunes, and possibly his own career, just to take a shot at Zach.

Well if Collaros is still a real qb, their should be some good trade offers. Now as long as the Cats don't panic and get rid of their 'new' starter, there's reason to be optimistic for playoffs this year. Otherwise Masoli could become the next AC for another team... pity.

I can't believe we're having this discussion. Zach is best quarterback on the team. He's lost confidence in the coaching staff because the O-Line doesn't give him enough time to throw the ball. Fix the O-Line for next season and Collaros will regain his 2015 success, knowing he has the necessary protection to execute plays, and his salary, won't matter, because the results on the field will improve. Masoli's numbers also weren't impressive against a terriblly looking argos team the other night. When Ottawa kicks our butts this weekend, I think Zach will have an opportunity to start with Jones as head coach either next Friday against Saskatchewan or the following week in BC.

It's the old cliche; take care of the quarterback, and the quarterback will take care of the team.

I hope our Ticats braintrust isn't stupid enough to get rid of Collaros in favour of Masoli or someone else like Manziel.

I think the "blame the O-line" ship has sailed. Same O-line in front of Jeremiah, and with supposedly less skills, he pulled off the win. Now the Collaros apologists will give us the "Toronto played badly" excuse, but the fact remains, Jeremiah gets the job done, Zach does not. Jeremiah does it cheaper, and more importantly, does it.

I think it's absurd to say that Austin would sabotage the whole season just to mess with Collaros.

To me what really happened is obvious: Austin sabotaged the whole season just to mess with Luke Tasker.

The way the O Line is playing It doesn't matter who the QB is.
Zak and his receivers need more than two or three seconds to run a route or let a play develop.
I really don't think it matters who you've got in there under centre if he's going to constantly running for his life

It can't be. Calvillo was 23 and for the first few years in Montreal after backing up Tracy for a season and a half he had a wall in front of him and the greatest running back in the history of the CFL to hand off the ball to almost 30 times a game.

Collaros is almost 30 and has suffered serious injuries. The only way it makes sense to keep him is if he accepts the kind of deal Tate and Lulay accepted to stay with their respective teams. Otherwise it makes more sense to go with Masoli and reinvest the 500k up and down the roster.

I am expecting Johnny Manziel will be signed eventually. Maybe this season. If not, definitely before mini-camp 2018. They want him. He wants them. First step that must be taken is the Ti-Cats need to get rid of Collaros and his big salary.