Collaros set to make over $540,000 in 2018. Opinion?

Matthew Scianitti reported on TSN that Collaros is set to make over $540,000 in 2018 and is still owed an additional $125,000 from his $520,000 salary this current season.

Question is, Do you believe Collaros is worth his weight at over $540,000 for next season?

And if not, should the Cats try to renegotiate his deal, trade him now (if there are takers at that rate) or just release him outright?

Feel free to discuss.

I think he is done with the ticats. It is one of those cases where he has to get a fresh start somewhere else. I wish him luck.

If they trade him they are idiots, he will be successful with the right coach and system. He has not forgotten to play football. IMO he lost faith in Austin as did most of the team. Maybe they renegotiate maybe they don't. He is the only real starter we have and has shown his commitment to this team and city.

Just posted a sort of response on the "Great QB Discussion" thread.

In short, my theory is that the Cats are giving Zach an attitude adjustment opportunity, using Jones to deliver the message. If it works and Zach responds, he will stay. If it doesn't or he doesn't, he will be on the trade block.

Montreal or Saskatchewan, with 'older' QBs, might be interested, and Toronto with Trestman and Ray are proven QB developers. I think Zach, like Calvillo did, needs some mentoring. A half million in salary to eat without disrupting your own team salary expectations, and probably high level players and/or draft picks in return might be the speed bumps to a quick deal?

On the other hand if we wait until 2018 contract expires, he can walk for free. Might depend on how desparate other teams are next year?

Is Zach a good CFL QB...YUP
Is Zach better than Masoli...YUP
If the Ticats trade or release Zach will he be successful...I think so
Is Zach a top 3 QB in the league....NO
Is he worth $540K/season....NO
Will he be with the Cats to start the 2018 season...NO
Should he be making $540K/season...NO
Is it Zachs fault that he has this contract...NO

Just adding everything up. I like Zach. Most fans like Zach. Just that in the business of sport this is a marriage were both parties said I do but both Zach and the Ticats are in a different position then when this contract was initially signed = DIVORCE

If he's traded and it's to a Eastern team then I will have lost all faith in this organization. I do like what June has brought to the team thus far. Even keel, positive attitude and a willingness to answer questions.

Matthew also noted that "renegotiating his deal is a non starter". The question isn't the 540k, its how much would you have to pay your next starter. If you give the team to Masoli (which I don't think is the right move) you have to pay him minimum 350 and if he improves eventually 400-450. All young starting QBs are going to end up at 400+.

If Zach shows enough in practice I would give him the next Toronto home game as well as 1 game against Montreal to show he can also improve under coach Jones, then you can make an apples to apples comparison the rest of the way and see how both QBs respond under the same set of circumstances. If Zach doesn't have it, its probably time to let him go, build a new team around Masoli as a placeholder and then go after the next FA QB when he becomes available. (Jennings, Franklin, etc).

Please provide comparable figures for other QBs in the league so that we are not discussing in a vacuum.


Right on tcmike! It is insane to be talking about trading him or releasing him or even benching him for a prolonged time. He will get there. Time will tell.........we will all be talking about how he turned things around and how the team turned the season around in a month. When it counts!

Trading block? A QB with 11 straight losses, history of serious injuries and a 550k a season contract... Masoli is the better CFL quarterback. They might try and trade him till a slice of money is owed to him or they may try to restructure his contract in the off season but a trade is not likely.

gary lawless?Verified account
pretty big contract for @EdmontonEsks QB Mike Reilly. 3 years, $200 K signing bonus and salary in year 2 and 3 north of $500 k
1:18 PM - 14 Apr 2016

Farhan Lalji?Verified account
Deal is for 2 years, more than half is incentive based. Could hit 490k RT @garylawless
Ricky Ray has signed a new deal with @TorontoArgos
2:31 PM - 3 Dec 2015

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
Hearing from #CFL sources the second year of Harris deal will pay him 400K #CFLFA

Matt Nichols
Nichols' salary will start at $400,000 this year, placing him in the middle of the pack among CFL starters, and increase to around $440,000 in Year 3.

The Alouettes signed Durant to a three-year contract. Sportsnet’s Arash Madani reported that the deal has a total value of $1.25 million, with a guarantee of $400,000 in the first year (including a signing bonus of $225,000). Durant, 34, would have been eligible to file for free agency on Feb. 14 if he hadn’t signed with the Alouettes.
According to quarterback salaries on, Zach Collaros of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Mike Reilly lead the CFL with $520,000 each, followed by Bo Levi Mitchell of the Calgary Stampeders ($460,000), Trevor Harris of the Ottawa Redblacks ($420,000), Matt Nichols of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ($400,000) and Durant. Nichols signed a three-year contract extension on Wednesday with the Blue Bombers.

What,s the price of not having a real QB?

Is it worth it to chase your own tail in finding one with multiple bad seasons like MTL since Calvillo left ?

Apparently, the price of not having a real QB is $540,000 through 2018, plus whatever we are paying the back-up to start for us.

At the current level of play provided by Collaros, no he is not worth the money. There is something definitely wrong with his throwing motion and his mobility. However, the Cats are in a tough situation, do you trade him and Collaros becomes the next AC? If they trade I hope they don't trade to a eastern rival. If a trade can be made I would trade straight up for Franklin (Edmonton). If a trade can not be worked out, renegotiate his current contract with performance insensitives and improve the offensive line for the best possible protection.

Collaros isnt a real qb ?
Willing to throw away a slumping qb in return for gawd knows what ?

It can take years to recover from a short term panic attack.

Thanks and much obliged Grover.
And the remaining CFL starters are making;
Jennings 175k base + bonuses/incentives
Glenn 200k base + bonuses up to 300k
And Ray's contract is based heavily on incentives/bonuses as it was drastically restructured a year and a half ago. From my recollection, it is around 250k base salary and as high as 490k if all performance criteria and starts are fully realized.


It’s going to be the Calvillo story again a broken record ! Build the O line and receiving
Core ?! What do you think a Johnny Manziel would command ?!$ now that’s a big risk

Think he will have to re-negotiate his contract. It's either reneg, or he'll be released. Sure he will be picked up, but who knows what kind of money he'll get? Surely less than the Ticats would pay to keep him.

What is the Calvillo story everyone keeps referencing?
Leave as a FA, have 2 years understudy and learn as a backup and then become the top QB in the league.
Is this what people think will happen with Collaros?