Collaros scores highest comp.% in team history, 3rd in yards

[b]CFLDaily @CFLDaily Collaros 342 yards was third most in Ticats #GreyCup history, behind Faloney and McManus. 75.8% completion is highest for team. #CFL[/b]

The final stats from the Cup were interesting - the teams were very even. Collaros threw for more yards and made one more completion than Mitchell.

Even more impressive in Zach Collaros’ favour is the fact he played behind an offensive line that for many reasons was inferior to those of Calgary & Montreals O lines.

I will say Zach’s recievers were first rate if not better than Montreals and at least equal to Calgarys recievers.

Not bad for a Rookie QB,but a rookie non the less .

Lets hope his Red Zone performance improves next year with a better O line and running game to suppliment his passing .

Yes, the numbers are good, but they also indicate the lack of the deep pass in the Austin/Condell offense that resulted in a mere 16 points in the big game..

I'd rather have a decent red zone offense, especially since reliance on the high percentage dink and dunk short passing game will get you there more often than teams that mix it up by stretching the defence with deep passes.

An achilles heel of the 2014 team that haunted them in the Grey Cup.

Funny how this rebooted team went from a high powered offense and terrible D in 2013 to almost the complete opposite in 2014.

As much as this team is young and inexperienced and will grow and learn from this season, I expect the same from the coaches, including Austin as well.

I'm expecting bigger things for 2015.

Just to note, Hamilton scored their touchdown on a 45 yard pass to Banks. I agree they do need to do more deep passing. Having half your starting Oline injured doesn't help the cause.

And it's odd that they don't have a deep passing game with the speed of Banks, Giguere and Sinkfield.