Collaros released

This is the third time that Tillman does this (Joseph, Ray) and it didn't work for him the first two times. If this blows up in their face maybe the league will be ride of him once and for all.

So you're thinking Tillman was behind this move and not Austin? Austin is G.M. Tillman is basically a scout. This was all Austin and he foreshadowed this all through last season. The guy isn't a Burris fan, plain and simple.

I'm sure Austin agrees. He was also there when they got ride of Joseph the year after winning the GC. But Tillman is part of that team's management no question.

There could've been a few motivating factors for Collaros. The bombers supposedly offered a better financial package, and lets face it he had a clearer path to the starting job here. But he'd be joining a team that won a total of 3 games last year.

Hamilton is coming off a Grey Cup appearance and by all accounts is considered closer to getting back to the Grey Cup than the Bombers. The east will be less competitive with Mtl now fully transitioning from Calvillo and their coaching staff in a bit of flux with no HC in place as of yet. Who knows how good Ottawa will be, and he'll get a chance to face Ricky Ray and try stick it to the Argos 3-4 times a year. The biggest con in Hamilton for him is he'll have a stiffer challenge for the starting job against Lefevour, who Austin showed increasing confidence in last year, plus Brohm, Massoli, and McGee. And if people think the Bombers Oline was bad, Hamilton allowed 65 sacks vs 50 by the Bombers.

Until Collaros speaks on what his motivations were we can only speculate.

As for Burris, he makes us better in the short term. The question is how long is the short term. At 39 heading into next season, the wheels can fall off at any time. And further to that he's not a great cold weather QB, and this is Winnipeg. If they signed Collaros there might have been a lot riding on him leading the team going forward. Going the Burris route there might be more attention to building depth at QB rather than relying on one younger guy to continue to develop and lead the team.

Paul Wiecek ?@PaulWiecek 7m

I"m hearing Bombers offer to Collaros was competitive with Hamilton's, but the QB wanted to remain in S. Ont. to be close to family.

Paul Wiecek ?@PaulWiecek 3m

Bombers submitted offer to Collaros on Weds, but never heard much back after that. All the negotiating went on with Hamilton.

Not living in Winnipeg I have no opinion, so wolverine tell me, is Wiecek a more trusted source than Penton Friesen, or Lawless?

Come back from my holiday in paradise only to read Collaros signs with Hamilton this morning.....ouch! Missed opportunity for the Bombers but a great move for Collaros himself going to a strong club with a solid organization. Can't blame the Tiger Cats for getting rid of Burris and further underlines the difference between being a forward thinking team like Hamilton and a direction-less group like Winnipeg apparently has. Sad day for Bomber fans everywhere; better hope Willy is on his way or this whole expansion draft opportunity that was presented to them will have yielded nothing for the club that needed the most help.

....Henry says he's in great shape and can play for another 2 plus years...Collaros is an unproven really...I can see why the Bombers were having misgivings about going with a raw qb. like Zack...He may well be a flop in Ham...time will tell...We know Burris is a H.O.F. qb. and with much improved coaching and player acquisitions, I believe the fans will be pleasantly surprised with the performance on the field...Don't ever underestimate how fast change can take place in this league...Comparing this team, in a negative light ,to last years debacle is a reach ... Everyone knows improvements have already been made and we will definitely be better than last years train wreck.......Just how much depends on further quality acquisitions and I know we have the people in place to get it done ...Obtaining another qb. for Henry to mentor will be next:wink:

For breaking info, and this is just my opinion, but I would go with the Wpg Free Press guys like Lawless and Wiecek over Penton. Penton seemingly has an axe to grind against the bombers and I don't think he has many fans in those offices, so for him to get breaking info, accurate info, would be uncommon IMO. Friesen would be ahead of Penton but behind the other guys. It's too bad Ed Tait was moved primarily to the Wpg Jets beat. He did the best job of the bunch covering the Bombers.

....Word leaking out that Mont. MIGHT be in the running for Burris as well as Ottawa...Is this just more negotiating tactics?? Heard anything MJ??? I can't see Popp going all out for Henry but in this league you never know..Even if he did where would that leave Troy Davis...I think it would be a bad move but like I said you just never know :roll:

Henry is a HOF quarterback. I"m sure there will be a few offers.

Only way Burris signs in Montreal is if he can't be a starter anywhere else. With the Als, I imagine he'd be the veteran mentor as the 1B backup to Smith. But I don't even put too much stock in this rumor. We don't even have an offensive coordinator. Burris's interest in coming to MTL is likely to be pretty minimal IMO.

Could be. I mean its not much fun for Burris agent trying to negotiate a contract if the Bombers are the only interested party.

As a matter of fact his agent is going on CJOB in a few minutes. When does an agent go on radio before negotiating ? When he has no choice...

I really don't mind the way this has gone. If we can swing Burriss and Willy it would be my preferred choice.I don't see Collaros as any more of a sure bet than Willy.Hamilton has certainly gone "all in". If we can swing the other two I prefer the odds.As far as Hank going elsewhere, I am sure he wants to be the starter and I can not see anyone else being able to offer that.

Zach played in a great system where Ray went something like 28 straight completions ! I think he's a very promising young QB but no any more than Willy,Marsh,Sunseri,DeMarco...

Burris agent says more than one team have contacted him and they are looking for the right fit, no artificial deadline.
Got a sense Henry wants to go somewhere he can win. That may be bad news for the Bombers.

Exactly! :thup:

......So the thought is we can't win....IF I'm Walters I tell Burris and his agent to go find your winner :lol: Bombers have the leverage here and Henry has very little...Negotiating tactics BUT if they're serious about going somewhere else..heh heh...I'm sure they can at a helluva lot lower salary than he could get here and NO chance of starting...He could po' everyone in the Peg and Henry will be the loser...not a winning situation :lol:

If it's about winning, he doesn't have a lot of options. Pretty much every team but Winnipeg has its chosen starter. Ottawa might be interested, but they're an expansion team; going 7-11 would probably be a win for them in year one.