Collaros released

....Get on it Walters and see where we stand with this kid.....He's available NOW. :cowboy:

Your the first person that came to mind when I read the news :lol:


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Grab the cheque book, and charter the jet. Collaros is officially a free agent today. #Bombers #Work

Curious move by Barker. Usually he releases guys early so they can get a NFL opportunity but I haven't heard or read anything about Collaros getting any NFL tryouts over the last month. Could be Barker has just realized he's not resigning Collaros so he just let him go to FA early, an unusual move. Next few days could get interesting.

I think this impacts us in a negative way; we will not be able to see what we might pay for Willy or Henry prior to needing to make the decision on if we want Collaros. I don't personally feel that we need or want Collaros for sure, I still feel Henry Burris would be the better right now starter. With Willy as a number 2 and I don't feel Max Hall is good enough to be our number three. As someone had previously pointed out, Max Hall is already past the age of development he is either going to be great or not. I don't see him developing too much anymore.

I guess time will tell.


If you want Collaros, you make him your highest offer now. Other teams will be doing the same, and if you are hesitant, he will go elsewhere. He should sign with his preferred CFL team by this Friday at the latest, IMO. I think BC, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hamilton will all be in the mix.

But Tehedra is right...if Walters doesn't sign Collaros now, he obviously wants Burris instead, which would give Burris leverage in negotiations with Winnipeg when FA opens. A tricky situation.

If he has NFL aspirations. I'm not sure it will be that fast.

....Zacks release has certainly prompted some early action. ...IF Ham. is interested they will either have to 'poop' or get off the pot.....Austin will be forced to declare his intentions about which qb. he wants to go with...Henry or Collaros....This could get interesting...Even if Ham. gets into a bidding war with the Bombers, the ramifications of Austin and company doing same could be huge.....A lot of guys like Lefevour ,sitting on the sidelines watching ,while the big dollars are thrown around, could lead to some interesting scenarios... I feel the Bombers, who have nothing to lose, will go all out for the guy...O'Shea knows his worth BUT Austin might go all in for Collaros' services as well????This is going to get very interesting like we've said all along....One thing I do know for sure out of all this, Burris is still in the plans for both teams depending on how this all works out...Maybe Collaros has an nfl interview which would really put a fly in the ointment :lol: :lol: Such a wonderful time around free agency...

I think that having Collaros free now actually helps the bombers. If we had to wait for FA, the bombers might've been trying to juggle negotiations and offers between Collaros and/or Willy and/or Burris. Instead they can find out now if Collaros wants to come here and if he goes elsewhere the bombers can then redirect their attention to one or both of the other guys. If they do sign Collaros before FA, I would bet that takes Burris out of the picture since fitting both Collaros and Burris under the cap probably won't work.

Barker has made it clear they have an offer in to Collaros and will try to keep negotiating with him as he feels out what the other offers are. In addition to TO, Hamilton and Ottawa could be in the market. Herb Zurkowsky who covers the Als tweeted that Montreal could look into Collaros, but having committed a lot of money to Smith and having reupped Tanner Marsh I would imagine they won't be major players. I suppose they could always dump Marsh if they need the extra $ to get Collaros signed under the cap with Smith. BC I think is too tight financially to be able to compete with offers from other teams. Edmonton could be a player as a backup to Reilly, even though they did resign Matt Nichols if I'm not mistake. Question is whether Collaros would want to go there to back up Reilly versus a shot at a starting job. Sask, Calgary are probably not in the mix. The Bombers and TiCats I think are the only teams that can offer him that prize of being the potential starter and are probably the frontrunners if that is the most important thing to him.

…agreed, it certainly does give us a firmer handle on things with the release…Now ,how long before he signs with someone…My feeling it will be by the end of the week orrrrrrr if his intentions are to try for an nfl gig, a lot longer…He know he is a desired commodity (tough to talk about people in those terms, but it is what it is) and will certainly be able to work out a great deal for himself( of course under his agents suggestions)…I just hope he weighs out all of the scenarios and options carefully, with regard to the club he chooses…Money isn’t everything BUT it sure talks…We shall see in the next little while, I hope…This club needs a quality qb. soon to put the tix sales in good light… :wink:

The Hamilton Spectator Ticat beat writer, Drew Edwards, is reporting on his blog tonight that two sources have told him Hamilton is pushing hard to sign Collaros.

....Local media in Winnipeg are saying both Wpg. and Ham. are on the hotline to Zacks agent...IF it comes down to money the feeling is Collaros will sign in the Peg....I'm not surprised that Austin is going hard after the kid but he better be prepared to walk the walk as far as cash and the starters job goes....Also hearing Burris is not too thrilled with Austin and his no-negotiation tactics...Methinks Kent may have painted himself into a corner with regard to Henry :lol:

Penton is not really a good source for breaking info but he's backed up by Lawless on this one:

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RT @scratchingpost: The #Ticats have reached a deal with Zach Collaros. Announcement expected shortly.

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Ticats sign Zach Collaros #bombers #cfl

Well papazoola, maybe we can sign your favourite in Burris and we'll sign my fave in Willy and we'll see you in TC to battle it out for the starting job :wink:

…YES…WELCOME ABOARD HENRY… :thup: :thup: …I liked Collaros but he would have been a project and the fans here just couldn’t handle another flop…Burris gives us a heck of a lot more experience…I can see the zingers to our receivers already (minus the pics of course)and the savvy to get this team back on track…Short term success…absolutely what we need as well as long term…That’s where Willy comes in…win win…Okay I’ll buy into Willy IF we sign him and he out performs Henry :wink: :thup:

I wouldn't be surprised Barker and O'Shea had this all figured out behind the scenes. Barker lets Collaros go, Hamilton throws a pile of money at him and that automatically makes Henry expendable because of the SMS. Henry Burris will give O'Shea instant credibility while he grooms Henry's replacement. Burris gives the BB's more wins this season than Collaros IMO. Now its up to Danny Mac to find another Collaros for the future.

And I don't think that person is named Hall, Goltz, or Boltus.

....This club will be a contender under Burris, can Ham. say the same :wink: Austin is taking a big chance on Collaros and IF his performance doesn't add up to the games he had with the argos, there's going to be a lot of head scratching going on in the hammer...I see us bringing in Henry at a reasonable but not skimpy salary...Should make both parties happy...Some are saying Henry is not a cold climate player...He seemed to do alright in the Cup game AND I don't think it was his fault they didn't bring the Cup home.....We shall see what happens this season but I know one thing, I have a warm feeling knowing we have a very good chance of having a seasoned guy like Burris at the controls rather than a rookie....We are most likely going over a possible offer to Willy...failing that I'm pretty sure Danny M. will have someone in mind.. :wink:

Winnipeg blew it. You had a chance to sign a young QB with obvious talent and opted to cheap out. Collaros will be Hamilton's impact starter for the next decade. Burris may give you one or two more years, then you're right back at square one. What happened to putting yor money where your mouth is? If I was a Bomber fan, I would be very upset at Walters.

,,,,Cheap out....not bloody likely...We in fact offered MORE than Austin according to sources..Collaros chose Ham. cuz it's closer to home...Get your facts straight and have a great time trying to fill Henrys shoes :lol: :lol:

I don't think you can say that unless you have a crystal ball. Collaros could have signed here and got hurt, what then ? Back to square one. Collaros is hardly a guy I want teaching new QBs and Hank has a great resume. I'll be very happy if we sign Burris, something I wished for years ago.