Collaros released!

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Posted: January 29, 2014 10:00 AM
Updated: January 29, 2014 10:08 AM Staff

TORONTO -- Zach Collaros’ days as a Toronto Argonaut are officially over.

Wednesday, the team announced that the upstart quarterback has been released, as he enters free agency early. Collaros, 25, was slated to become a free agent on Feb. 15.

Here we go..

I don't know why everyone thinks that we need Collaros. Sure he went 5/2 while filling in for Ray this season and deserves cuddos for it.

BUT, those wins were also less impressive for the following reasons:

  1. They played Sask while Sheets was injured.
  2. They played Stamps while Cornish was injured.
  3. They beat BBs (Poor Winnipeg) & Eskimos. They didn't have lackluster seasons or performances in those games.

Sorry to diminish Collaros record, and he looks like he will be good some day. I just believe he won games that he should have won. I think Dan LeFevour could have won us games in similar scenarios if he were starting.

Agree that Collaros has had enough play time for a full evaluation of what he could do but undoubtedly shows a lot of promise.

And didn't the Argblows win most of those games in the last minute by coming back to win? Not so convincing.

The last minute wins are impressive, but are they enough to let Hank go?

Burris is 39 IMO Austin should let him call his own plays. Can Collaros call his own plays?

You're quick to point out injuries, but fail to acknowledge that the Argos were without Chad Owens and Chad Kackert in those four games. Also, Jon Cornish played the entire game in Calgary and the other win was against Montreal, not Winnipeg.

Don't discount what Collaros did last season. It was impressive.

He won consecutive road games against three of the top four defenses in the league, all of which were teams that our offense struggled against.

The thing that needs to be deciphered is whether or not Collaros' success was a product of the system (I'm a big fan of Milanovich, FWIW) and/or a result of opposing teams being unfamiliar with him.

Another intangible is that the team really seemed to want to play for him. They really got gehind him in a way that I haven't seen very often for a rookie.

While i would still want Burris as my #1 next season, I sure would like to have Collaros as his understudy. He is simply better and has more upside than the Cats current backups.

An Argo-Cat fan

If he was as good as some people say, Toronto wouldn't be giving him up.There are years of work for him to do before he is close to being in Hank's league...and about an earlier post...question: You must be kidding... Burris doesn't call his own plays??? If this is so it would explain some of the stupid plays last year...some looked like they were called by an elementary school coach.Who the hell on the side-lines know more about play calling than him? "SIGN HENRY"...we don't need or want offense to him intended...Cheers fans!