Collaros off injured list practicing today

Just saw this tweet from the Cats

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 51s #Ticats QB Zach Collaros has been pulled off the 6-game injured list and is practising with the team today. #CFL

According to Drew Edwards Twitter feed ... The TiCats announced they have pulled Zach Collaros from the 6-Game IR and is practicing today.

Excellent news in my opinion. Whether he starts, plays or is the 3rd string on Monday ... I'm glad he's back!

Our team looks really excited to have Zach back. Just look how fast they all move! :stuck_out_tongue:

There's a spot of good news finally. I'd be concerned about him coming back early, but KA doesn't seem like the sort to brook any such thing.

Here's hoping he is ready to go and can start. Nothing off of Masoli or McGee, but I'd like our #1 back now...

Great news!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Also according to Drew Edwards;

Sure looks to me - from a distance - that QB Zach Collaros is taking first team reps with #Ticats offence.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 37s
Sure looks to me - from a distance - that QB Zach Collaros is taking first team reps with #Ticats offence.


GREAT NEWS, Welcome Back Zach!!

Recent CFL News from the Argo's is that Chad Owns will not play on Labour Day against the Ti-Cats he is out with an injury sustained last week.


Well if he plays they have a better shot 40% Instead of 20%

They need him to start

Vegas odds have Toronto with a 55.53% chance of winning & Hamilton @ 48.81%. That was before the news regarding Collaros.

I’m sorry Robo, but why are you even here?! Day in day out, for weeks now, there’s always something negative about the stadium or the team, or something else.

You call yourself a fan? What’s with all of this, then?

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 12m
#Ticats coach Kent Austin says RB @CJ_Gable is “doubtful? for Labour Day. Also clear Collaros is preferred option at QB.

Just curious, are there rules limiting practice for players on IR? Just wondering why they'd clear him from IR now instead of waiting until later in the week as I believe a team can only do it once or twice a season, no?

He hasn't even put pads on yet, who knows what shape he'll be in?

Players on the 6 game IR are not allowed to practice until after the fourth week. You can pull 2 players off the 6 game IR early during the season.

Posted in an earlier thread ...

Wojt and Dyakowski both back on the field too!! :smiley: Things could be looking up for this team - FINALLY!! :rockin:

This video also gives the first real good look at just how far the sidelines are from the stands.

About what I expected knowing that there had to be a few yards before the advertising boards and then the field side tables and a few yards back from that to the walls. We were ridiculously spoiled at IWS.