Collaros Not Dressing Last Night Question

Last night Zach Collaros was dressed in street clothes and on the sidelines with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was listed as the third string quarterback on the depth chart. I thought CFL rules dictated that three quarterbacks must be dressed for the game? I remember last year that the Ticats had a similar situation. Mitchell was injured and was unable to dress for the June 23 home game vs. Montreal. The day before the game the 'Cats were forced to sign quarterback N’Kosi Perry and without any practice time he was dressed as the third QB on the depth chart and was released following the game. Why were the Bombers allowed to dress only two QB’s?

Just a quick search…

Article 5 — Designated Quarterback
Prior to the game, a team is required to designate two or three Designated quarterbacks. These players shall can substitute freely for each other during the game at the Quarterback position. A maximum of two of these players may be in the game at the same time. No Designated Quarterback can enter the game as a member of Team B.

I’m wondering if this rule was made prior to the 2024 season. Perry was an emergency signing last year as the team had to dress three quarterbacks.

Teams are required to have 3 QBs on the active roster (AR) & at least 2 must dress for each game.

As for the Hamilton situation referenced in the OP, Hamilton could not put Mitchell on the 6-game injured list until Perry was signed. SMS savings became a moot point when Mitchell was activated from the 6-game after 4 games.

Also from 2023:
July 7 - Dru Brown was 3rd on AR but did not dress - away from team / non injury related.

July 29 - Vernon Adams was the 3rd QB on the AR but did not dress.

Aug 5 - VA not dressed but got into uniform for the second half after Dane Evans sustained an injury in the first half.

Aug 13 - Nick Arbuckle was the 3rd QB on the AR but did not dress - away from team / non-injury related.

Aug 18 - Zach Collaros was on AR (GTD) but did not dress

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Thanks for the thorough explanation stats_junkie. I remember that I thought it was totally weird that they had to rush to sign and dress Perry.

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