Collaros named 108th Grey Cup Most Valuable Player

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That was a great championship game. Just proves that this league does not need 4 downs or any other gimics to put out a great product


I might need oxygen though! What a game!!! :partying_face:


Collaros?? Didn't he lob 2 picks?

Great game indeed! And truth in saying we don't need to change OUR game to attract some fair-weather fans.


One GINORMOUS win for man,

         One GINORMOUS win for mankind.
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So wonderful that we got a great, great game to last us trough the long winter nights ahead. A clunker/blowout would have been so depressing! (Tika's mad at me, she doesn't get the concept of tie/overtime when I've only ever given her win/loss choices.)

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But he also won the game, & really no one else stood out, everyone contributed. It was a total team effort on both sides, so I'm good with Collaros.

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I'd give it to that kick returner who decided to give up the single point with under three minutes left. He's winnipeg's mop

That turned not so good for Hamilton I'll admit. A gamble that flubbed bigtime.

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Not so much a gamble as apparently the guy thought it was just a touch back.

If he was 10 yards further back it would have been a wise choice, 2 yards behind the line makes it open to all kinds of speculation. I guess he thought he wouldn't make it out very far & opted for the field position. You know what they say about hindsight.

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If you are playing with hindsight - then you may be able to say that if he ran it out to the 15 or 20 - they may not have been able to get as close enough against that wind for the tying field goal too. Starting that last series at the 35 may have been what they needed?

Didn't they get it inside the 5? 15 yards difference would've put them at the 20. Should've been makeable even into the wind

He may have gotten to the 10 & fumbled. He may have taken it all the way for a TD. It was the safe play, so he must have thought at the time.

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Or if he actually knew the rules would he make the same decision?

Whose job is it to make sure he knows what to do in that situation? The guy's not a total rookie, if the Ctas never practiced that, well thats on them.

The coach. Coaching blunder

It doesn't matter he won.

Yet there's talk about going to 4 downs.

Always around Grey Cup time news like this tends to spring up.

Disappointed that 2.8 million viewers tuned in.

3-4 million would have been a nice start though.

Anyways on to the next season.