Collaros named 108th Grey Cup Most Outstanding Player

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Congrats Zach .

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There was a big room full of Collaros fans following the game down south. They must've had a blast watching their hometown hero come from behind, win the game and then win yet another MOP award. Talk about icing on the cake! :partying_face:

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When was the last time the CFL's Most Outstanding Player for the season also became the Most Valuable Player of the Grey Cup game? Do we need to go back to Doug Flutie? Russ Jackson?


It ALMOST happened in 2019 when Andrew Harris was playing lights out ball all season. He should've studied more before flunking that urine test. He still goes down as one of our leagues 'all time greats' in my book. :grin:

According to that font of all human knowledge Wikipedia, you only need to go back to 2018 and Bo Levi Mitchell.

After that is 2011 and Travis Lulay.

Doug Flutie is the only man to achieve the feat twice in '96 and '97.

Russ Jackson is the weird one - he won MOP in '63, '66 and '69 HOWEVER the Grey Cup MVP award wasn't given out in a run of successive years including '66 so his only "double" is '69. Anyone know why?

Answering my own question, here's the complete list of players who snagged both awards in the same season:

1969 - Russ Jackson
1979 - David Green
1992 - Doug Flutie
1996 - Doug Flutie
1997 - Doug Flutie
1999 - Danny McManus
2011 - Travis Lulay
2018 - Bo Levi Mitchell
2021 - Zach Collaros