Collaros, Lewis headline CFL Awards nominees

TORONTO — Winnipeg Blue Bombers pivot, Zach Collaros, and Montreal Alouettes receiver, Eugene Lewis, will go head-to-head for the league’s top individual honour – Most Outstanding Player – at the 2022 CFL Awards. The ceremony begins at 6 p.m. local on November 17 at Conexus Arts Centre.

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Not really surprised at all.
I suspect will win, although too lopsided towards the West, so likely swap one to make the appearance to a more equal distribution. If so I would suggest Kurleigh over Nathan because of lack of games played.

Evaluating on the strength of personal achievements throughout 2022, I believe you would arrive at the following:
Zach Collaros
Lorenzo Mauldin IV
Nathan Rourke (probably would have been MOP & Cdn without injury time off)
Stanley Bryant
Mario Alford (coin toss on this one with Chandler Worthy)
Dalton Schoen
Mike O'Shea


My picks would also be exactly like yours, including your thoughts on Rourke being chosen as MVP had he been healthy for a full season)
Playoffs are set and can't wait for Sunday, here's to the Blue Bombers making it a three-peat.

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The award is for Most OUtSTANDING Player…. There was nothing outstanding about Collaros’ season…. Except he played on an amazing team…. Rourke was beyond outstanding…. 3 separate long standing records broken…. Highest completion percentage….. highest yards per reception…. Highest QB Efficiency rating…. Most Outstanding Performance awards…. He was amazing and truly deserving of the award…. Please do not respond with he only played half the season… the fact he did all of that in only half a season is also amazing….. if he did not qualify to be MOP how can he be top Canadian…

Rourke didn't break the highest efficiency rating record. His performance in that one quarter against Winnipeg was "bad" enough to drop his season rating just below Ricky Ray's record. His completion percentage also dropped a bit, but is still high enough to break that record.

All he did was play on the best team? Sure. Of course Zach didn’t do much this year. He only had the best season of his career, highlighted by throwing for 37 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. After losing his top receiver from a year ago to free agency and then Ellingson for most of this year.

Rourke should hands down be the MOC. As long as he stays healthy and with BC next year, he should be the preseason Betting favourite to win MOP.

But saying Zach did nothing Outstanding this season is ridiculous


Zach hasn't really had that great of a career so saying this was his best season ever isn't saying much. I feel like this is about as good as Zach Collaros can possibly be and his stats aren't really jumping off the page. But I'll admit it's possible that Rourke may have corrupted my definition of an outstanding season. The pace that kid was on was unreal. Collaros' final stats are maybe two thirds of what Rourke was on pace for.

Look at Zach’s 2015 stats. Hands down the MOP till He blew out his knee in week 12 and was done for the year. Burris ends up the with the Award. This scenario has happened before.

As to the argument of he plays on the best team, BLM has won the award when Calgary was the best team in the league hands down why is this different? That is a weaker argument then saying Rourke only played half a season. Part of the reason the Bombers are this good is Zach’s UNPARALLELED ability to extend the play with his legs, buying time for receivers to get open and then getting the ball to them.


If you are saying that you must play longer than a partial season to win MOP I agree. Zach probably would have won in 2015 if he didn’t get hurt and many think Nathan would have won this year if he didn’t get hurt. Maybe. But they did get hurt. That’s not their fault but as a famous Canadian show would say, that’s the way she goes.

I am saying it’s not the first time a player has been lights out in the first half, gotten injured and missed out on the major awards.

However my 2022 Collaros to 2015 Burris comparison is way off. Burris lit it up in yards (5,693!) and had 26TD’s to 12INTS.

So Burris beat Zach in yards but Zach beat him in TD’s and TD/Int ratio this year. Certainly a lot less passing TD’s the last few years overall.

I don't know if agree that Zach's scrambling is unparalleled. Most mobile QBs are pretty decent at escaping the pocket and running around. Cody Fajardo also scrambles extremely well when he's healthy. The difference is that Winnipeg's receivers (especially Schoen) are much better at getting open than Saskatchewan's receivers, which means Zach eventually finds someone to throw to while Cody ends up either throwing it away or taking the sack.

Let's look at this another way. If Zach Collaros is really that integral to the Bombers' success, then one would expect that he could play on any team and achieve similar success. Do you really think that if were playing in Saskatchewan this year that he could have done much better than Fajardo? I don't. But I do think you could put almost any of the league's other main pivots in the Bomber backfield and they'd still win the west.

I'm a fan of Collaros, but he plays on an absolutely stacked team. It's not just him. Put him on another team and is he still doing what he's doing? Hard to say, and this is the problem with elite quarterbacks on great teams. It's difficult to tell what's down to the QB and what's down to the system, the talent around him, the coaches, etc. A great defensive end can be great at his job even on a mediocre team, but if a QB is getting buried with sacks behind a porous offensive line, or his receivers aren't getting open, he won't look very good no matter how talented he is.

In any case, Winnipeg won B2B Grey Cups and is well on their way to challenging for a third in a row. The least their fans can do is show some grace and allow an open discussion.

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Zach scrambles to throw. And when he rolls out to throw, he is stupid accurate. Most other quarterbacks scramble and the tuck and run. That’s what I say is unparalleled, scrambling to make a play thru the air, not running it.

Zach is playing the hand that is dealt him. Yes the team is built well. My question is why does it matter that you could maybe plug and play some other QBs and get success?
Zach would probably be successful on all the current play-off teams. And would anyone have had an MOP season on the teams that didn’t make the playoffs? Football is a team sport. Zach benefits greatly from the team around him. But He also elevates them in return. Would Dalton Schoen have been the ROY (I know it hasn’t been awarded but we all know he will win it) if he played somewhere else?

Winnipeg won B2B Grey Cups and is well on their way to challenging for a third in a row. The least their fans can do is show some grace and allow an open discussion.

This is a system generated (open) article, after a full day we have (including this one a grand total of 16 posts). No one has resorted to name calling, infact everyone has been polit. Everyone is giving a reasoned argument with examples why they believe what they believe. how on this earth is this not an open discussion? Is it your suggestion that Winnipeg supporters should just concede because the Bombers have had success in recent years? That itself would be a closed discussion.
@GorramBatman you asked a good question so I will ask you the very same question. Would Nathan be as good as he is without his receiving core? would Nathan be as good on a lesser team?

Zach's ability to avoid the rush - sure maybe other QB's can do that.

Zach's ability to avoid the rush and find an open receiver for what often seems to be a back-breaking long gain? Currently unparalleled, and I daresay I haven't seen the likes of that since Doug Flutie.