Collaros in town for a few days

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Collaros on coming in as starter: "The way you deal with pressure is being prepared. And I'll be prepared." #Ticats #CFL
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Collaros worked out with a handful of #Ticats receivers this morning: "It looks like everyone has had a good offseason." #CFL
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#Ticats QB @ZCollaros7 in town for few days. Meeting with the media today. #CFL

i wonder what he’s promoting while in town?

Is it his choice of shoulder pads? Or, is it because black is so slimming? Or, is it just me?
Zach doesn't look very big here! If I didn't know, and was guessing the position he plays just from this, I'd be guessing kicker.

Hard to measure how someone will perform based on their size. Sure, you can't be 5'2" and play qb in the CFL (I don't think :wink: ) but Flutie at about 5'9" worked out ok. :wink:

Collaros is 6'2" 216 lbs

Hamilton and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were the two leading suitors for Collaros, who posted a 5-2 record last season as a starter subbing for the injured Ricky Ray.
The six-foot-two, 216-pound Collaros completed 190-of-287 passes (66.2 per cent) for 2,316 yards with 14 TDs and six interceptions.
He also ran 59 times for 246 yards and five touchdowns and was scheduled to become a free agent Feb. 15

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Weight right, height wrong:

I'm not saying Zach's small, just that he looks small in his first full-uniform appearance as a TiCat. Burris, as listed on the RB's Roster as 6' 1" & 190 lbs, is 1" taller and 26 lbs lighter. While I realize that roster listings are often inaccurate (and deliberately so), Henry, more so than most QB's (IMO), had a "broad at the shoulders, narrow at the hip" look in his TiCat uni.

All the pre-draft info down south has Zach listed @ 5'11" ... Some add a quarter inch or a half inch to the 11 ...

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Not that it really matters much in the CFL. has Henry Burris listed @ 6'0". On CFL website it's 6'1". On his own website it's 6'2". ... So let's say 6'1"!

Collaros is NOT 6'2". More like 5'11".