Collaros hopes to work out in pads today

It has been over 5 full weeks now.

[b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Zach Collaros may be ready to take another step toward returning to game action.

In a text message on Monday, Collaros told TSN's Matthew Scianitti that he "feels good" and hopes to resume throwing in pads Tuesday "if cleared."

Collaros has been out since he suffered a head injury against the Edmonton Eskimos on July 4.

While he may work out in pads on Tuesday, it is unlikely he would be behind centre for Saturday's home game against the Calgary Stampeders.

Tiger-Cats head coach Kent Austin and the staff have insisted they want to give Collaros more than a week of prep time before he makes his first start since Week 2. [/b]

Maybe they want to see if he can be game ready for Labour Day against his old mates?

Well, so much for hoping. :expressionless:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 3m
Collaros with other QBs playing catch but in his garb of late: shorts-shirt-hat. No helmet, no pads. No practice, it seems.

Training staff must be saying no for a reason

I sure hope Collaros isn't another Drew Tate in the way of injuries. We sure know Fevour can take a licking, but its Fev's passing game that seems a bit weak. :cowboy:

Uncle Milty is at Ticats practice today and has already posted a couple of updates...

@miltonatthespec: Collaros with other QBs playing catch but in his garb of late: shorts-shirt-hat. No helmet, no pads. No practice, it seems.

Not taking part in Ticats warmup: Gable (foot boot), King; Jeremy Lewis. Fantuz stretching back. Other "outs" when full drills start.

Some more from Milton

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 44m
Seeing Dyakowski and Wojt STILL standing on sidelines, one of #Ticats’ base-root problems hits you like a splash of cold water.

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 43m
Not only that, but they’re standing with Gable and Collaros. There’s your up-the-middle pad-less.

Meh, proof is in the pudding. LeFevour is still the only QB that has given us a realistic chance to win. I'll shed no tears if he's not back.

While I’m not as cut and dry on this as you are, I get your point. Part of a QBs job is blitz recognition and setting some blocking schemes. I think Dan may be far ahead of Zack on this in Austin’s system. While Zack was running for his life a lot, he may have been the cause of some of those plays breaking down just because he was not able to determine blitz puck-ups. Perhaps seeing the game from the sideline has allowed him to learn some of the nuances that Dan has down. We’ll see.

He still could be awhile yet before he suits up for a game though, I heard previously Sept/Oct maybe depending on the concussion injury he suffered?

8) While I have not given up on Collaros at this point, he sure deserves a chance to see what he can do with a much improved
   O Line, once he returns to action.

   But considering that Austin was shopping LeFevour around the league during the pre season, after Massoli had signed his
   contract extension, had Austin been able to trade Dan, I think that would have been a big mistake !! 

   From what I have seen of Dan, if he is brought along slowly and shown some patience, I have a feeling that he could very
   be a very good QB for the Cats future.

   Just don't forget another QB that Ron Lancaster got rid of when he took over as HC here, a fellow by the name of Cavillio. <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we don't see Collaros for the rest of the season. Concussions are a delicate matter and it's difficult to gauge exactly how someone will react to having one,especially in a position such as QB where your'e more
vulnerable then other players to getting big hits and getting hit more often than any other position in football. I hope I'm
wrong about this,but perhaps we better get used to seeing LeFevour under center the rest of the season.

8) In hindsight, (which means nothing), the Cats would have been far better off going after Drew Willy as our #1 QB.
  Danny Mac sure thought a lot of him, and that was the main reason that Winnipeg got him in that trade from Regina.

   I know that Winnipeg was also after Collaros, but took Willy as their second choice !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    That's what I mean about hindsight   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 
     Willy would sure look good in a TiCat uniform, right about now !!    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Sorry but the question begs asking - Would Willy be as successful in Austin’s system to this point as he has been in Bellefeuille’s system?

We have a QB.

Well, Zach is still down for day 2 of practice ahead of Saturday. So Dan's still going to be the man, for sure.

Nice to see Tasker, Dile and Butler looking like they're coming in though. Still no word on CJ though other than 'in a walking boot'. But several days later? That says serious sprain, at best, fracture or break at worst.

that's ok if he doesn't. last thing we need is him coming back against Calgary and get reinjured. let him get another 2 weeks rest and come back for the Arblos. if he is to come back as starter that is.

From Drew Edwards at practice today

Day two of Ticats practice ahead of Saturday's game against Calgary. Here's what's happening:

[b]• running back C.J. Gable isn't practicing for the second straight day and is still wearing a walking boot on his left foot. I think it's highly unlikely he plays this weekend. Mossis Madu looks to be the primary back without Gable.

• other notable absences from practice include: offensive tackle Jeremy Lewis and back up safety Neil King.

• on the plus side, safety Craig Butler is full go today and offensive tackle Marc Dile, who has yet to play this season, looks to be getting closer.

• Luke Tasker is back doing the holding for Justin Medlock, an indication that he'll return to the line up this week.

• quarterback Zach Collaros in shorts and t-shirt, not practicing again today.[/b]


Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
Ticats coach Kent Austin says he still hasn’t ruled out RB CJ_Gable for Sat’s game vs. Cal Stampeders.

Also some Stamps updates

Scott Mitchell @SUNMitchell
Stamps DT Corey Mace appeared today in a walking boot on left leg. That's very unexpected.

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 57m
Stamps LT Stanley Bryant is not practising today and is sporting a brace on his left knee. Doesn't look like he's moving too well.

give CJ a rest too. they may as well use me in the backfield with the amount of running they do.

CJ, ready for Saturday? I'm kind of with Ryan. If you're going to run the ball as little as you have? Leave it to Madu and be done with it. If you're actually going to use CJ for what he's capable of and he's ready? Fine, suit him up.

or me runnin the rock? I’m good for a bout 2 plays than straight to the oxygen machine. lol