Collaros, Head injury?

I said in an earlier post (last week),
55 For the Blue Bombers got called for a Push on Bo Mitchell ,the call was roughing the Passer A PUSH.
If Hugh's hit on Zak is not roughing then somebody please tell me what is . He left his feet after the ball was clearly released and just stuffed him.
I thought the league and the Officials said they were going to protect our QB'S
The Officiating inconsistency is a joke

It was a clean hit. Right in the numbers. Unfortunately it came from the blind side while Zack was in his throwing motion... Really he needs to change his approach to the game. He reminds me a lot of Dunnigan and Reilly. Reilly is a good example, he's changed how he approaches the game because a starting QB who's always on the injured list is not good and its cumulative.

Collaros isn't in his prime yet and he's had Knee, Shoulder and Head injuries... We need these guys to stay healthy...

HOW ABOUT GETTING A O LINE THAT CAN BLOCK! In 99 the Little General valued that not like Austin and his tactics

Easier said than done, there is a shortage of good national "O" linemen. The problem is all teams want to meet the national quotas by loading up on the "O" line with Canadian players and that creates a shortage of good linemen.
If they bring in internationals it means they have to start more Canadians at the receiver or running back and teams aren't willing to do that.

I think there are two issues here. The first is that our Offensive Line provides very little protection for Zach, frequently. The second is that pile-driving a QB is a dirty play that should be called every time. It's not a hard hit; it's a dirty hit, with intent to deliver as much pain as possible, even to the point of injury. The field is no longer made of earth and grass. It is concrete and carpet. Too many concussions, period.

Austin has finally figured it out. He traded his first rounder for Bomben two years ago and used his first pick on an olinesman this year. On the FA market he hasn't had the money to compete for them trying to retain the talent he had...

Then how do you account for the fact that a Ticats defensive player (not sure who) was flagged for knocking BLM on his butt a bit later in the game? His hit on BLM wasn't any later than the hit on Zach and probably not as hard. I thought the hit on Collaros should have been flagged. I couldn't believe that the one on BLM WAS flagged when they'd ignored the Hughes hit on Zach and commented on it at the time.
I believe that Drew points out in his article that the league will likely be taking a closer look at the hit. I won't be surprised if Hughes is fined.

They've also developed Landon Rice, Girard and starting centre Filer. Could be that Rudolph leaving has been more of an issue for the OL than anything else - just speculation on my part of course.

It's called football boys and girls! People get hit! No way that was a late or dirty hit. It was just a good solid hit at a time when Zach was throwing and a bit off balance. All this chatter reminds of those open ice hits in the NHL when a defender makes a good solid and legal hit on an offensive player and all the other team mates ( of hit player) act as if the guy was harpooned! Seriously folks, that's how you play this game. You give and take hits. This one was absolutely solid and legal. Hoping Zach returns soon.

Agreed good solid clean hard hit. No helmet to helmet and came just as the ball was released. Unfortunately it came at a point where Zach was off balance

I think Zach may be feeling better! He sent this last night


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Blue Jays plunk Odor first time up?

Yeah, that can't be a good sign...

I guess still no news on Zach? Will he be back or is he out? Great to hear any updates.

We won't hear anything until the last possible moment. Why give opposing teams any more lead time than necessary?

The team is on their bye week so don't expect too much news or updates on the injury front ,if any until most likely mid week of next week. Like Lenny said there's no point tipping yer hat and showing yer cards before you absolutely have to.

This is a good time/chance to make a trade for Ricky Ray :thup:
"They" are on re-set and are done for this season, they seem to have moved on from their Ricky Ray years.
Ricky Ray would look awesome suiting up for us in the Grey Cup ,it adds yards of excitement and enthusiasm to a Football Fans brain just thinking about it :cowboy:

NOOOO!!!!!! Remember Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Kevin Glenn, even Henry Burris!! You rarely move forward with other team's cast offs. I know you will want to point out all kinds of exceptions to this rule, but NOOOO!!!

Too funny :lol: and it's not even April fools day.
Maybe this poster has a head injury :roll:

No punishment for Hughes on the Collaros hit. Will Smith did get fined for the late hit on Bo Levi Mitchell, though.

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Forget about Ricky Ray. The Alouettes will gladly trade Jonathan Crompton to your Ticats. :smiley: