Collaros, Head injury?

Drew is reporting possible Concussion resulting on this play.
It certainly looks like roughing the passer should have been called.

Center - moves the ball forward - Penalty
QB - Gets pile driven head first into turf - No Penalty

[b][i]Quarterback Zach Collaros was held out of the second half of the Ticats loss to Calgary Stampeders on Saturday because of concerns of a possible head injury.
Collaros appeared to suffer the injury late in the second quarter when he was driven into the ground by Calgary defensive end Charleston Hughes. He was slow getting up and remained in the game but was assessed at halftime.

Head coach Kent Austin said after the game that the team expected to know more on Sunday

“We don’t know at this point. It’s an upper body injury and we’ll have to find out. We’re not sure,? he said.

Austin was asked specifically about a head injury.

“I don’t want to speak to it right now because I don’t have all the details so if I open it up there will be more questions and I’m not qualified to speak on it,? he said. “I’m not avoiding your question, I just don’t have enough information.?

Collaros missed five games in 2014 when he suffered a head and back injury during a game with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Receiver Andy Fantuz, has battled concussions during his career and has become an advocate for prevention and awareness. He said he assumed Collaros was dealing with a head injury based on the hit.

“I hope he’s OK. I saw he took a big hit there and it’s always scary when you’re taking head blows,? Fantuz said. “Hopefully he’ll be OK. Luckily we have a bye week and he can just rest and not even worry about even attempting to do any exercise and let it settle down.?

The Ticats don’t play again until Oct. 14 when they host the Ottawa Redblacks and if Collaros isn’t ready then the team will rely on back up Jeremiah Masoli, who took the team to the East Final last season after Collaros went down with a knee injury and went 3-3 to begin 2016.

“We have a lot of faith in Jeremiah, he’s played really well when he’s had the opportunity,? Austin said. “He’s a great person and he’ll be ready to play if he needs to play.?[/i][/b]

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A lot of fans just knew Zach was going to get hurt, the question was when and how serious. :frowning:

I hope we are not looking at another tough luck guy like Jessie Lumsden! Maybe Zach will get all his injuries over with early in his career. For his sake, let's hope it is just a short-term "stinger" with no long term effects.

Thanks for posting this film Grover!
Look at Zac going down,he's got his throwing arm extended ,he landed it appears on that arm/shoulder with all his weight plus the Calgary player!It appears he has re-injured his right shoulder unfortunately .
It was previously banged up in the late stages of the Blews game after Labour Day when he was in the throwing motion and his arm was hit.....:thdn: .

Didn't appear to be his arm/shoulder. Guys were coming over to him when he returned to the sidelines and he was giving them good handshakes, the bent arm, pull in variety. Lots of other arm movements. No sling.

Dr. Levy stood right beside him the entire time.

Looked like his head to me and others around me.

The timing on the offense looked bad most of the game and Zach was hanging onto the ball to long, you could see that injury coming sad to say. :frowning:

[b]Article 4 – Roughing The Passer[/b] A player shall be penalized for any act of Unnecessary Roughness to the passer, including but not limited to: (a) Contacting the passer in an unnecessary manner, including stuffing him to the ground, violently throwing him to the ground, and landing on him with most of the defender’s weight,
It sure looks like it met the criteria for a roughing the passer penalty.

That was no more a RTP penalty than the times we drove Ray into the turf on Labour Day.

Yes, I'm actually defending the officials this time...

IIRC, the TiCat (Tracey or Chick?) simply followed thru on the tackle and just landed on Ray. The Stamp tackler appeared to leave his feet, picking Collaros up and driving him into the ground with all his weight.

IMO, a difference in "technique" and intent and according to the official rules as listed by some posters and the "letter of the law" that so many seem to demand to follow (ie, moving the ball penalty), there should have been a RTP penalty called.

The clip seems to support that Collarus ended up flat on his back
mainly because the tackler made contact just as he was throwing back
to his left.
Being off balanced, hence light on his feet, Collarus' momentum, combined
with the tackler impacting him, simply caused Collarus to go horizontal.

It doesn't appear Collarus was unnecessarily driven down and back
with force. After contact both Collarus and the Calgary player appear
to be carried forward on the field by Collarus' weight and momentum,
Colarus' feet having risen from a hopping motion he was experiencing
after the throw.

Unfortunate injury as a result of two guys just playing football.

It was more the two-foot leap by the tackler, lifting Collaros off of his, and then what looks like the tackler landing on Collaros with his entire weight. It's a judgment call by the officials, and in this case, the officials didn't feel it was unnecessarily rough.

The penalty "roughing the passer" is so inconstant, sometime you get a penalty for just brushing the QB, the next time you can get away with almost killing him. :roll: :cowboy:

Looks to me like everybody here is right. It WAS a rough hit. Collaros WAS off balance and off his feet as a result of his throw at the exact time he was hit.

This is a pick 'em and I'm with DCF that the call is reasonable because the play is borderline.

I agree. I don't think a penalty ought to have been called.

Hard tackle !
Not a penalty ,not a hit to the head ,just a damn hard tackle a la Angelo Mosca #68 :cowboy:

Agreed, no penalty, the play was too close by the defender after the pass thrown, defender in motion.

Just a good, clean hard hit and one that every Tiger-Cat defensive player should watch and use, Hammer the QB preferably if he has the ball or slightly after while in motion.


From Drew Edwards on Collaros injury

"A source close the club termed it a “mild concussion? which is, in this day and age of heightened awareness around the potentially devastating short-and long-term impact of such things, something of an oxymoron. A head injury, regardless of the severity, is a serious thing."

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Edwards is correct. I'm amazed that the phrase "mild concussion" still gets used these days.

If they don't get couple of good right and left tackles Zach will get seriously injured. Strange recruiting this year by our Cats. :cowboy:

Having dealt with small, mild and large concussions, it is moreso used to describe the severity of his symptoms and the estimation on how long it may take to recover, but of course that is always subject to change as days go on and your body begins to heal.

From my memory, a small concussion was 2-3 days, mild was 2-3 weeks and then severe would be anything longer.

All depends on his sensitivity to light, how his reflexes are working, how he does on memory tests as well as balance tests, how nauseaus he feels, if he feels irritable, if he can sleep or not etc. etc. etc. It is a huge long list of questions you go through ranked on a scale of 1-10 or 1-5 including the tests for balance, memory, also get your eyes checked.

My main point is, the term mild isn't to say his concussion isn't serious, just that it could have been much worse. My first concussion ever was diagnosed as mild, and it took right around the time the doctor told me to fully recover or at least feel like I was, then my next one was not as bad and was diagnosed as a small concussion which I felt better within 5 days and was back out on the field. I could definitely tell the difference between the two because of my symptoms, the terms are just a guideline for patients, realistically though you just need to take as long as possible to recover, but in the sports world we like timelines.