Collaros for Mayor!

Certainly not his best game, possibly the worse of the 4 road games, but win baby just win. There is no way we can let Zach go at the end of the year. the past you've vigorously held up Mayor Ford as your champion, you've argued vehemently against anyone who has said a unkind word towards him....where is your allegiance...shame...

Yes that is partially correct, I still love our mayor Ford.
Right about now Zach trumps Mayor Ford and as much of a football fan Rob is, I am sure he would agree with my posting.

I am for keeping zach collaros as a member of the Argos. They should protect him from the expansion draft a young qb with a lot of potential to go with!

I think Toronto would be better off with Collaros then Ford. Collaros is calm cool and collected.

…lol, okay :thup: …you have every right to be proud of your Argos…


But zach is the man when it comes to football!

What happened to Mike Clemons for Mayor? he was one of the most popular guys in Toronto, so much going for him, a motivational speaker and an instantly recognizable celebrity in Toronto. There was talk that he could run as a politician in Toronto.

As for Collaras, I 'm looking forward to seeing him in Ottawa next year.

He probably realized that he could get by in life without the grief. Politics is a lousy, lousy profession. The public is fickle, moody, and doesn't pay attention, the media are all over you, and considering the workload the pay isn't actually all that competitive with the private sector.

As for Collaras, I 'm looking forward to seeing him in Ottawa next year.
You and me both.

I believe he lives in Oakville. Kind of hard to be a civic polititan in a city you don't live in.

I got a feeling that collaros will be the starting qb for Ottawa next year. Good for Ottawa to get this guy a very young qb who has proven to be able to play in this league,the future looks good for Ottawa to have him!

Pinball for Premier and Collaros for Mayor.
With Ford for Prime Minister to complete the perfect triangle.

Now you are making sense :thup:

Brilliant. Protect the young kid whose had one lucky season and let the veteran who, prior to injury, was playing the football of his career and still has several years left in him. If Ray goes unprotected Argos fans (all 6 of them) will run Barker out of town the first bad game Collaros has next year.

Only a fool would leave Ray unprotected for a one year success story. Tell me, do you remember a guy named Casey Printers?

Agreed :thup:

A "CRACK"erJack Mayor.....Maybe Collaros should run for Mayor !!!!! :slight_smile: :roll: :wink:

bobo it's worth coming here just for your posts. Only in Canada could you have a crackhead mayor who maintains any popularity. Ironic that his name is Ford (found on road dead)though. Prophetic?


Collaros looked pretty ordinary last night though. Not Mayor material quite yet. :wink: