Collaros credits totality of Bombers' win over Elks

WINNIPEG — With music pumping through IG Field and thousands of fans in white in a celebratory mood, it felt like everything around the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was back to what we’ve grown used to with them.

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What? How about being out couched right from the kick off.

Sorry. I read that wrong. I thought you were giving total credit to Collaros

I’m never couched for a football game; I’m usually reclinered.


At this the elks will be the first team to go winless for a whole season.

Or the als somehow pull an als and lose to them.

Can option two not happen please.

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Collaros should also give credit where it’s due.

Well done Proulx.

Made sure his big TD drive (that the panel couldn’t stop talking about) kept going.

The only thing “bad” about that game (unless you’re an Elks fan…) was the TSN crew absolutely gushing about Lawlers awesome catch. He DID NOT catch the ball. I know the rules and stats sheets will show it was a catch, but constantly gushing over it and calling it a catch was a new level of stupid for TSN.