Collaros, Bombers look in mid-season form in win over Ticats

WINNIPEG — Anyone waiting for Zach Collaros and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to go away might have to wait a little longer.

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Winnipeg deserved to win, As a Cat fan this does not come easily for me to say. However, I do have hope for the Tiger Cats’ future - they did out score the Bombers by quite a bit in the second half and Mitchell did play better. On many occasions both Mitchell and his receivers were just out of sync - hopefully that will improve within the next game or two - it has to!

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To me it seemed like the Ticats were still in preseason mode during the first half. Dropped or overthrown passes, undisciplined penalties, etc. They grew up fast in the second half. Here’s hoping it continues!

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The surprise for me was the 3 undisciplined Hamilton penalties in the first half and yet another in the 2nd half.

A blown assignment leads to a blocked punt (TD), a perfect punch out to the running arms of a teammate (ball on 2), and a solid defence sack/fumble for a recovery (TD).

All 3 plays were legit and terrific and like not bomber repeated this season.

Bombers beat them good and continuous on most plays. Gold star.


A fair comment to make. You can talk all about “but for the turnovers” but creating turnovers or giving away turnovers is a big part of any game. On this day, Zach was great, Bo wasn’t. To me it looked like a pre-season game on both sides with a couple of great individual performances. Take the 2 points & throw the film in the trash can. When you have 6 turnovers each…not a well played game.

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" Collaros’ touchdowns went to three different targets in receivers Nic Demski, Dalton Schoen and Rasheed Bailey."

No, no, no…it was Wolitarsky not Schoen. How do you not proofread your work?

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The Cats looked as bad as it gets. The comical second-half turnovers in their favor saved them from ignominy. If the Toronto game looks bad I would suggest the Cats have a complete change of strategy: any player can be let go, let this season be a testing of players to create a solid team like coach Jones did in Edmonton. Note, don’t know yet if Jones has been successful.

If that was “mid season form” then they 're in trouble.

I agree that this was not midseason form, even though some of the stats and the outcome were consistent with midseason. I’ve noticed since the first game of 2021 that the Bombers at least, but maybe other teams start the regular season a bit loosey-goosey. Since the preseason is only two games many seasoned veterans get very few in-game snaps while the teams sorts out the newcomers. While the veterans start the season in game day condition, they still need to work out their moves and coordinate interactions with teammates and opponents. I don’t look for a crisp and tight season opener, I just want them to win while all the parts fall into place.

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Even the reporters are not quite in game day condition yet.

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You weren’t impressed? :thinking:

Those were some fluke plays on the special teams that made it seem much closer than it really was. Other than those few big plays, WPG was fully in control of this game.


No . . . not really. Got the W so I am happy.

Offensively they were dominate. Can not wait to get Lawyer in the line up. It’s going to be wild. Running game is not too bad either.

6 turnovers. O’Shea is not going to be happy about that. Need to clean that up.

For me, I was happy to see the offence click from the get go. The past 2 seasons the offence started slowly in the first few weeks. And without Lawler too. Hope to see this reviving core stay healthy throughout the season.

Defence was dominant.

Special teams needs some more practice but it’s week one. What were we expecting :man_shrugging:

3 really bad play in relatively short succession made that game closer then it probably should have been but kudos to Hamilton for not rolling over and playing dead. Their D and special teams stepped up big in the 2nd half.

The Bombers were the better team this week. Just hope they are the better team in late November.