Looking at all the eligible players and considering some top Canadians we just lost I’m very impressed with some of the players available. One linemen 6’10" 329lbs a lot of plus 6’5" 300 lbers, it soon will be time for Obie to choose very wisely and fill the holes we now have. What say you lads. Who do you like.

Anthony Parker with the 5th or Henoc Muamba.

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Here's a draft collage:


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Anthony Parker is a WR/SB University of Calgary

Henoc Mamba linebacker StFX X-Men

It too early to tell where going I wait till Combine

Yeah I know, but i'm basing my picks on needs and/or talent

I'm pretty sure I've heard OB say that in the Canadian Draft the general rule is to pick the best player available when you have early picks. After that, you pick to fill your needs. With that said, I would think that we will be looking to use our first pick to get another offensive O-Lineman, as we have managed to let a number of them fall right through our hands in the past few years and we are a little short. Outside of that, I think they should try to continue to pick up players who can play at traditional Canadian spots, and spots where we currently start Canadians, such as DT, S/DB, LB, WR. Not many Canadian Draft picks are starters right away, so it's more about building dept rather than finding someone to back up a starter. It would be nice to find someone who could be a back up for Matt Kirk, or Dylan Barker, or Ryan Hinds, but that's probably not a realistic expectation. If they're not sure, I say you can never draft enough Canadian O-Lineman.


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just a question... how is Vaughn Martin from western/ San Deigo ranked 4? I would think he would be rated #1 because of the actual experience for the past like 2 years at a Professional level where he has been dressed for 20 games, made 12 tackles, 7 assists and a sack. I would think this would make him ranked #1, but not my choice.


He propably is the #1 talent but his ranking likely has to do with the fact that he'll never be in the CFL. Or at least not for a few years.