Colin Kaepernick?

Anyone know who has CK on their neg list. For years Montreal had him i think but no idea now.

If he fails to catch on with the NFL would you give him a look now at 34. He might just want to play football again. I could see Chris Jones saying sure bring him if wants to come north and play for $150,000.

i"d love to see him in the CFL. i think he would love it.


I have no problem with him as a player or a person, as far as I know, but oh that hair.

So you're a hair racist then ?

Would you like him to come to CFL?

Not particularly . He hasn't played a down of football since 2016 and in all honestly I don't think he is that interested in playing the game much anymore. I honestly can't see him at 34 at this stage suddenly having an epiphany about playing football again let alone here in Canada .


Not a chance.
This is coming strictly as a 49ers fan.

Also, he lost his starting job. Turned down option year. And then demanded as a free agent starting salary and then cried about it when it didnt happen.

Defences figured out his strenghts and planned and shut him down.

Also, why would you want the type of press he would bring.


He also sued the NFL. Does the CFL want to be on the receiving side of this bum?
Haven't people learned anything with Johnny Football?

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what kind of press would that be? Seems like he[s on the right side of history.
i'm not suggesting he comes with a guarantee. Comes up and competes for starterr or back-up.


You are comparing him to jM? Really??


i guess i got an answer to part 2 of my question. You all would love to see him here.

Gong show type of press that wouldnt help the league.
Right side of history? What type of history would that be?

Anyways, as i said originally, as a 49ers fan, i saw enough so did most d coordinators.


Who exactly is "You all" ? And where exactly did he/she say anything about loving to see him here ?

The lack of activity jumps out - it kind of reminds me of when Tim Tebow got the boot and all you heard from him afterwards was how the "fire still burns" or phrases to that effect - except if his feelings were that strong he had plenty of time to play CFL or Arena football to prove he was worth another shot, but didn't bother with either.

Plus if Kaepernick really wanted to come to the CFL he'd need to learn more passing technique than his trusty "sling it at 1000 m.p.h. even though the receiver is only 3 yards away and hope he grabs it".

Also, what on earth would a "hair racist" organisation look like?

The Hairian Brotherhood?


make that a hairist

actually, I had a pretty big natural afro myself in the 70's.

I did look better tho :slight_smile:



Any of us who grew up in the 70's had long hair at one time or another . I know it sounds cliché but I had hair that was well below my shoulders for the better part of that glorious decade .

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my hair went well above my shoulders :slight_smile:

I used to wear a mexican leather hat and my hair would totally fill the void between my shoulder and the rim of the hat. I was quite the picture.


I think I might've found an old pic of you from that era :rofl:

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naah, that guy is an imposter wannabe

I got used. A black girl came through our park and took an interest in me. She invited me to a party and then proceeded to do my hair up for me to make it as good an afro as possible. Then I go to the party with her to discover I was the only white guy. She just wanted to show me off that she found a white guy with hair that competed with their hair. Never saw her again afterwards.

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I doubt he would take the CFL seriously enough to get in football shape to be good enough to have a real impact. For the money he'd want, CFL teams should pass and concentrate on younger talent that will have more motivation to succeed.


…I think there’s a possibility CK gets his shot in Seattle this year…he’s been seen lately practicing at UofW with some of the seahawk receivers he is close to…

Pete Carrol also spoke very highly of him a couple years ago and even said he’d give him a shot if he didn’t already have a QB1…well ol’Pete doesn’t have that QB anymore and really what would it hurt the ‘hawks to sign CK to compete against Lock for the position? Nothing really…