Colin Kaepernick

Does anyone know if anyone owns CK's neg rights

He and SF have parted ways and he's free to go to where he is wanted. Not many are projecting him to be a starter down there.

If anyone needs to get a breath of fresh air and find some joy in football again it is him.

I could see him thinking CFL, not as a last resort, but a real choice.
-He's made his money and is 29
-Might just want to live in Canada given his political views
-Has some interesting skills that are suited for the CFL

If the right team could get his rights I wouldn't be at all shocked to see him opt out of the NFL hype machine and just try to play.

I think he would be of fan interest but not necessarily a distraction. Toronto, maybe Montreal, and perhaps Sask come to mind that may have mutual interest. Perhaps even Calgary should they know that BLM is NFL bound in 2018.

No doubt he would need to be satisfied to come in as a backup initially. Perhaps he could start in Sask, I'm just not sure if Regina is a good city fit. Maybe.

Hypothetically speaking, how would it go over in Canada if an import refused to stand for the Canadian National Anthem?

Not saying he will or won't, but if he did.... ?

I wouldn't care

Kaepernick: A poor man's Mike Reilly

As a life long 49ers fan, NO!

He had a couple of good years with a good team around him, but since he has been a flop. Never should have kept him over Alex Smith.

Just like Manziel, and a host of other flops who can run, Kaepernick would struggle.

His issue is the passing game, reading and reacting to defences. Moving to a league that is pass heavy, would only show his weaknesses even more.

Stay in the NFL, collect a few million dollars a year as a back up and be happy.

Montreal had his rights for a long time. I suspect they've been dropped. His agent is going around telling any GM who will take on the contract that he promises to stand up for anthems if they trade for him :lol: Hypocrite

Montreal, eh?

What if he only stood up for the Anglophone version of the Canadian National Anthem?

Build a WALL around Colin Kaepernick....and never ever put a door in that wall

Please let this loser just GO AWAY....

I saw what he did for the 9ers. I’m not convinced he could help a CFL team.

He got rich then he got soft...

Yes , but with a much nicer head of hair then Mike !!! :slight_smile: Surprising he can get a helmet on over that giant mop of his. :lol:

but although Mike might lose in the hair department he does have a much nicer bushier beard then Kaepernick !!! :slight_smile:

Kaepernick also in 2012 was dominantly a beneficiary of the system in place in San Francisco for Jim Harbaugh's read-option offence, which was made obsolete practically in the NFL in 2013 after a rule change in the offseason allowed for the quarterback in such a position handing off the ball to also be clobbered as opposed to before only if he still had the ball as a runner or otherwise. And perhaps you recall earlier in the season that Alex Smith, since that season the starter in Kansas City, was running that offense before Kaepernick and his "hot hand" took over.

All defensive players took note after the rule change that they would play the read-option offense to clobber both the quarterback and the running back on every play no matter what was going to be done with the ball. Before in 2012 they were often clobbering the QB in a read option offense anyway and did draw some penalties, but now there were no penalties to be had given the rule change.

You might recall that also Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson also thrived in that 2012 season. Wilson of course has since adapted his game as a passer. The other two did not obviously.

As Warren Sapp as a guest on local homer sports radio at the time when I was in Tampa Bay explained, and this was before his gaffes in life of course, no offensive coordinator who in his right mind wanted to keep his job was going to call such plays any more given the increased risk of injury.

I'm of the opinion that the NFL establishment owners wanted the change also given the legal situation with the lawsuit of former players, for any rule changes that discouraged as much hard hitting were and still are en vogue.

About three years ago here I did a post on NFL QBs who I thought had the game for a CFL offence so as to shed better light on all the dubious claims, often from my fellow Americans, that any given NFL QB could play in the CFL. The answer more often than not in my opinion was no. Those QBs without consistent passing accuracy of 60% in the NFL (or in NCAA college football for that matter!) are not going to make it with one less down in the CFL out of the shotgun even with the defensive line one yard off the ball plus the wider field. And those who are merely drop-back passers would not make it necessarily if they can't throw well on the run or do not have good mobility, for those guys can't get away with just chucking the ball away as much like they do often to avoid sacks in the NFL given one down. Some of the latter are fine starting NFL QBs mind you.

Kaepernick was one of the names on which I was 50/50 back then though now would be pessimistic. His core problem is throwing accuracy, but when in the past he was able to throw also on the run he was deadly and no doubt he does still possess a very strong arm and is still fast.

Might Kaepernick thrive in a more open offense on a wider field that rewards quarterback mobility to run and to throw more than does the NFL on its narrower field?

It's a long shot, but we shall see if some team takes a chance on Kaepernick.

Also in the US, though now few but some cackling media types on slow-news days care, Kaepernick happened to time his views in the year of a presidential election and that timing itself backfired on him as it would on most any player in an election year. It would not matter the views in my opinion, for once you give the media political fuel in any election year they can't but help themselves whether for or against your views as a public figure outside of politics.

I hated all the incessant coverage of that crap back in September instead of football itself, but that was the fall of 2016 well beyond Colin Kaepernick.

I seriously doubt anyone cares about such matters this year but a few muckrakers in the media.

Hello CFL? Kaepernick sounds off again, and whatever the merits of his position or not and of course well within his constitutional right of free speech as are all in the US, the largely conservative NFL owners are not going to want to have any of this sort of social grenade on their team.

Opinions will vary on such a position of course, but that's how the NFL owners have been historically whenever a player becomes some of greater spectacle off the field:

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Many Americans, some goaded by the media who love to play the race card for sake of easy clicks and ratings including especially in the slow-news summer, will be upset because they will claim it's his freedom of speech.

Many Americans also don't even understand constitutional free speech.

Sure you can say just about anything you want in the US and not be charged with a crime, with a few named exceptions in the US Constitution, but you are not free from various civil consequences.

Kathy Griffin was one of the latest examples.

And so onto the CFL perhaps provided he can show passing accuracy, but then again would the CFL owners not want any part of such a social grenade too?

He’s toast IMHO pro football wise and I don’t think he actually cares to be honest is my guess. Pro sports, especially the 4 big American leagues, are about image more than anything, for every CK there is an up and comer equally as talented without the political baggage.

Hamilton has his rights (along with RG III and Manziel) which I think they'll stay there forever.

There's really no need for his services up here for allot of reasons. If the Ti-Cats get hammered with injuries, Drew Willy is available and would more suitable to sign.

I'd love to see him up here and I think he would love it too.

WHAT!!! No He wouldn't like it here. Gee's. First he has a BIG STACK of money in the bank. BIG.
Come here and risk your health for peanuts!!!!!!! $350,000 yearly big Peanuts.

Second Colin is in big talks to be a spokes person for Black Right Activists group,
Paying Big Big Big dollars for a new career. Not Peanuts. Could last 5, 10 years.
IMHO he would love that and a good cause. But no, play in Riderville with a terrific offensive
line. Really!!!!!!!!!!!

If he does go up to Canada, I hope he likes it so much that he never comes back.

Oh I agree about the money. But if it's just to play again and experience another country it might be appealing. This is a game he has played for 20 years, since he was a little kid.