Colin Kaepernick, anyone?

In my dreams we bring in Colin Kaepernick and that restores not only the team's fortunes on the field, but the dignity and reputation of the franchise. A guy who has been essentially blacklisted by the same league that told Warren Moon he wasn't good enough to play QB would be here in Canada. Thoughts?

If he is indeed on our neg. list, I'd say we should at least bring him to camp next year. I wouldn't count on him being a starter, but its worth a shot.

His skill set is sadly lacking, hence no NFLclub offering him a job.

But to be fair Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia couldn't make it in the NFL either but they were given a chance to prove themselves in the CFL first.
Warren Moon did go on to have a pretty good NFL career, I don't think the NFL said he wasn't good enough.

As for Kaepernick, just like Vince Young and Manziel, they aren't given a starting spot because of who they are, they would have to try out and win a spot.

Not the case. His stats alone would be more than enough to be a backup in the NFL. He's being blackballed for his political stance.

In a weird twist this would actually look great on the Ticats.