Coleman Walk Out

I know he was a pratice roster pler but just wanted to know what you guys thought?

well he wasn't a guy on PR. till just awhile ago...he was a starter.....but he got burned too many times and so they brought in Hall and Syniker....I think Justin seen the writing on the wall...he is not what we needed in the secondary;;;;good luck to him in the future... :!:

cnat blame him for leaving a crappy team.

he was a large part of the crapiness;

mcgarity, kamau and coleman gone. now just stokes.

do you mean keith stokes?

is there any other one??

Keith Stokes? CRAPPY? Are you on drugs?

i agree what are you smoking blackdale?

well look at it this way guys, Keith Stokes without a doubt is one hell of a good football player. But if u watch him take the kicks and punts, he cuts back and forth tens times before he starts running. He does lose alot of yardage that way. None the less if he ran foward more and made 1 or 2 last second cuts to get a way from a tackle or to he would be doing alot better. Still none the less a great player.

he has helped his value by making some catches as of late but he is still the fumble master. he has done better the last few games i will admit and am happy to see it but overall i would still be happy to unload him. he has the worst kick return avg of all starting returners. i realize most people think he is wonderful but i am afraid i must disagree.