Coleman & Scott

So many times it's mentioned that the Ticats need a Defensive End ... They need a pass rusher.

No doubt we've seen a revolving door when it comes to the DE roster position & Coach/GM Austin trying out someone new.

This latest time, both Norwood or Boudreaux sat. In games before it was always one of the other.

So, here's to Antonio Coleman (War Eagle!) & Sam Scott (Go Golden Rams!)

The two young gentlemen played well. Coleman turned the corner off the edge very well and Scott was excellent dropping into coverage & disrupting passing routes.

Coleman & Scott deserve to get the start next week in Montreal. They've earned it.

Scott did a good job last year in limited duty. I was wondering where he was.
I thought the DE's were an improvement. If we can get opposing O-Lines to focus on pressure from the edge and maybe stop double teaming the DT that line is going to win a lot of games especially at home. Our DT's are a weapon but if teams can bunch up the middle and go one on one ( OT vs DE ) on the edges with success that weapon becomes neutralized . Sacks from the defensive ends will open up everything. The Cats blitzed through the middle a lot on Sunday. This will also be helped by more pressure by our DE"s.

this post is a little confusing to me, maybe im reading it wrong
having the DT double teamed is a good thing for DE's. you want that 1v1 with OT's!
its basically the function of a good DT, occupy bodies so the LB's can do their jobs on run plays and DE on pass plays

Those one on one battles between the OT and DE are desirable if you can win them. If you don’t the backs can block the tackles who are already double teamed. It could be argued that our best D linemen are our DT.( Bulke, Laurent, etc… )
If the DE are experiencing success it forces adjustments in the blocking which should make it easier for all D linemen to get to the QB.
For example John Chick ( Sask ) and Charleston Hughes ( Cal ) get doubled up on almost every play. When you watch those teams play you can see how the teams blocking them have to adjust and how this makes life, in some cases, a lot easier for the DT to get the QB.
Furthermore if teams were not able to double team Bulke and Laurent as much because of the outside rush coming of the edge Bulke and Laurent would get to the QB more often because IMHO they are our best rushers .

I remember Austin saying last year in an interview that while all types of pressure on the Quarterback are good, pressure up the middle or in the face of the quarterback is best and most disruptive. (paraphrased of course) if I recall correctly, he was speaking in general and then was specific to Ricky Ray that pressure up the middle in Ricky's face is most important since it keeps him from just stepping up in the pocket and making the outlet/check down pass.

Speed rushes off the edge with your DE's or blitzer(s) will force the QB to step up in the pocket. Then hopefully your DT's or blitzer(s) up the middle are pushing & collapsing the pocket.

Obviously the best is pressure from all positions. But it can work both ways. Pressure off the edge flushing the QB up in the pocket to your interior linemen. Or pressure up the middle flushing the QB out of the pocket to your edge rushers.

All depends on the quarterback as well. Each one is better at one method of escaping pressure than the other and have their preferences. Ray steps up really well. Doesn't scramble outside well. Same with Glenn. Lulay better outside the pocket. Burris better outside than inside.