2009-03-04 06:40:00
Toronto – Fans of multi-platinum British rock band Coldplay now have the opportunity to get tickets to their Toronto show on Thursday, July 30 at Rogers Centre before they go on-sale to the general public through a special offer from the Toronto Argonauts. This 36-hour pre-sale begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. through where fans can purchase a pair of Coldplay tickets with the purchase of two ticket vouchers to any 2009 pre- or regular season Argos home game as part of this limited time offer. Current and new Argos fans will be able to secure their Coldplay tickets 4 days before everyone else!

Commented Argos co-owner David Cynamon, “We always try to provide our fans with added value and unique, limited offers. What better way to reward our fan base than by giving them this special opportunity to get tickets to one of the hottest bands in the world, ahead of the general public.?

Starting Thursday, March 5 at 10:00 a.m., fans can purchase a pair of special ticket vouchers for $33 each to any 2009 pre- or regular season Argonauts home game through Argos fans can continue to purchase tickets until Friday, March 6 at 10:00 p.m. Coldplay tickets go on-sale to the general public on Monday, March 9. This 36-hour limited window will allow fans to secure tickets, in the best possible seats, 4 days before the general public can even buy tickets.

This is the first opportunity that Argos fans will have to purchase single-game ticket vouchers for the 2009 season. Argonauts football is the best sports entertainment value in the city with a game day experience that is both unparalleled and interactive. Catch new Head Coach Bart Andrus as he takes the reins of the Double Blue and returns the team to its winning ways.

Argos co-owner Howard Sokolowski added, “Torontonians can’t ask for a more exciting long weekend. They can see a great Coldplay show on Thursday night and then head to the Argos game on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. For being one of the first to purchase one pair of Argos tickets, you can get both a hard-hitting football game and first access to a hard-rocking concert.“

Existing Argos season ticket holders will also be able to purchase Coldplay tickets ahead of the general public as a special thank you for supporting North America’s oldest professional football team.

Arguably the biggest band in the world, Coldplay has a knack for writing epic rock ballads - such as "Yellow" and the Grammy Award-winning "Clocks" - that have become the soundtrack for a generation. In concert, the charismatic Chris Martin and his mates perform their hits with impressive musicality. Fresh off three wins at the 2009 Grammy Awards including Best Rock Album and Song of the Year, Coldplay now brings their Viva La Vida World Tour to Toronto and offers Argos fans the first crack at tickets which are sure to go quickly.

Interesting, we really like Coldplay, nice mix of traditional/indie rock.

Now if they would do this with one of newest favourite bands from the other side of the ocean :wink: , Snow Patrol, and in a place where you can stand like the Kool Haus or Mod Club, Phoenix, Sound Academy, hmmmm... we'd become full Argo fans me thinks, well, according to the wife anyways. Good on the Argos though. :thup:

In Flight Safety, Matt Mayes, Hey Rosetta. The Stills can open for them. :thup:

Very forward thinking, Congrats to the Argos management team for thinking outside the box.
This is a great way to thank the CFL fans !!


Yes, it's great that you only have to buy 2 Argo tickets to get in on the Coldplay. Contrast that to the Bills in Toronto initial offer which required an 8-game purchase at highly inflated prices...complete with a phony lottery cash grab. :thdn: They totally misread their market and were forced to offer single game tickets for half price or less.
Kudos to the Argos on this great promotion! :rockin:

I guess when you lose 8 straight and miss the playoffs, you need a gimmick to promote the team. I wonder how many will keep buying in when they realize that that team might be just as bad this year as last. Its really not forward thinking, but the wool being pulled over fans' eyes.

I bet you said the exact same thing when the Riders offered their fans first crack at Stones tickets....

Nope, because the Riders were well into their season before the Stones tickets went on sale. The fact that the Riders did this almost 3 years before means that the "progressive thinking" was done before... that fact that now the Argos are just copying what the Rider organization did previously. The only that really bugged me was that Rider season ticket holders were given dibbs for both shows...

too bad coldplay were the worst live band i've ever seen.

Tickets are going fast, this event will probably be sold out before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Its ticket master isnt it. It was sold out before they would have announced it, and you have to pay their scalper subsiduary triple the price to go.

Buzz has it that during the 36-hour promotion, only 5000 passes were sold. The passes were good for $33 bronze tickets and were available in 2- or 4-packs.

If that true thats 5000 extra tickets the Argos have sold for games in March, sounds good to me. Im a season ticket holder and i didn't have to buy the Argo vouchers, and i got first crack at Coldplay tickets, so add about 10,000 more sold.
Good work Argos management!! :thup:
and Thanks ! :thup: